Some problems that crop up in some marriages today is as a result
of wrong foundation and which you know that foundation plays a very vital role in everything. When the foundation of a building is not properly constructed then one day the house may collapse as a result of wrong laying of foundation, foundation takes a very long period of time because that’s where the whole pillars that will hold the building will be sloted in.

What I am pointing out is that the foundation of your relationship will always reflect in your marriage be it good or bad. Don’t take feelings to be love, love is a commitment and a lifetime decision which means if you say you love someone then you should be able to stick to your word, not just word but action and not waking up tomorrow to tell the person you don’t love him/her again, this always occur as a result of feelings because the feelings is no longer there again.

Feelings is urge, which means it comes and go because you can’t feel the same way everyday. So building your marriage or relationship on feelings can be very risky, you will be good to your spouse when you feel like, you call or text them when you feel like , you give them your attention and care when you feel like. Many marriages are collapsing this days because majority of them are built on the alter of feelings, slim figure, long leg , pretty face, cuteness and many lust desire which will eventually fade away on a the long run. To have a long, lasting and successful marriage, build your relationship first on friendship, love, trust and understanding.

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