Marriage is for everyone but everyone is not for marriage

Marriage is for everyone but everyone is not for marriage. Many
will not get married. Many more will not last in marriage. Marriage
is as easy as A, B, C, D to enjoy but it requires a strong character
building. Marriage is a real life movie. People may fail in marriage
but marriage do not fail people.

There are two set of people that do not last long in marriage. First are selfish people and second are emotional driven individuals. The development of marriage is synonymous to the development of a movie. Selfish and emotional driven individuals do not go too far in their movie career.

Likewise in marriage. They disregards people, complain and mess things up. Selfish people are too busy listening to themselves more than they are observing things happening around them to know what role to play to solve them. They always make excuses. They never
take correction.

They blame others for their lack of coordination. They easily pick offense and can talk about the negative aspect of other people all day. They are greedy and can fight over split milk. The second set are the emotional driven individuals. They define love by their feelings and define feelings by their love. If it feels good, that means they are in love with it. If it doesnt feel good, that means something is wrong with the other person.

Emotional driven individuals are the most unstable people in the world, in relationship and marriage. They don’t hold to their words. They don’t listen to themselves as they talk. Love to them is a feeling that comes and go away, and not a decisive sacrifice. They always believe something is wrong with everyone but too busy to evaluate or improve themselves.

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They have bad history record of working relationship with people and they don’t think something is wrong with it. They are easily manipulated. They easily believe in a lie and never cross check what they heard. They do not have any two years clean relationship record with any one including their own siblings.

Emotional driven individuals are not bad people but it is just that they are wrongly driven by things that entice them and things they feel they are supposed to have, receive or possess. Every woman wants to get married to a certain description of a man but how many women are building their character towards having the best marriage with their husband. It is so disappointing that very few does and definitely there is going to be very few good marriage rate we are going to be seeing.

Just as marriage is as easy as A, B, C, D to enjoy, the same way, the breaking or destroying of marriage is as easy as A, B, C, D. Prayer cannot save marriage. S3x is much more helpless. Only a character building will save your marriage. Marriage is character building, not emotional building. Marriage requires early character building preparation. Early marriage is also good but it requires strong character building towards the role that you are going to play, whether as a husband or wife. Marriage is easy.

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