Marriage is not all about sentiment but sacrifice, over familiarity is dangerous

Marriage is sacrifice, not settlement. Marriage is giving and continuous giving. Marriage is responsibility all the way. Over familiarity is cancerous in relationship and marriage. It cracks the foundation of every marriage until it finally reached to the point of divorce and broken homes. The husband blames the wife. The wife blames the husband. Everyone cooking up silly accusation against each other.

Now whose fault could it be? Could it really be the afore mentioned by both spouse. Listening to these complaint is like listening to a mental patient rumbling and if you are to ever resolve the matter, never take their complaint and view into consideration because most of these complaints are simply sign of lack of self responsibility. What then could be the fault? Over familiarity is the fault.

Sometimes women takes things for granted because they think it is entitled to them. Other times, they do things at home carelessly. Men on the other hand gets over familiar with their wife’s body and start looking for the young and freaky fresh to hang out with. That he is your husband doesn’t mean you should dress naked walking up and down your home.

Learn to get sexy for him. Learn to freshen up. Get a nice perfume.
Learn to makeup. Learn to say beautiful things about yourself, most importantly learn to say thank you to him for everything he gives to you. As a husband, learn to admire your wife, those things you may like or admire in other women, buy and invest it in her. Help her work on her body to your taste. As a single lady, you are to ask and know exactly what he wants in a woman before jumping into the relationship and marriage. If you don’t, he marries you today and leave you tomorrow. Men have physique taste. I mean, every man. Know his physique taste, don’t just try to fit in with the feminist and sexuality perceptive.

I love slim women and I married a slim woman. A lot of times, I chose what she wears and she has gotten use to asking me what to wear. At some point, I wanted her to add a little. I told her and together we started working on it patiently. Listen listen, when so much romantic
drama and efforts are put in a relationship and nothing compare to
such put in marriage means we are going to have more marriage fall apart years to come more than we have ever seen. Years ago before I got married, I made a decision that I am not going to be one them. Wisdom is definitely the principal thing.

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