Marriage is not slavery, but in Nigeria it is

Why the silence has remained so timidly strong even when it has
come to public knowledge still makes me wonder.
It’s so true that men prefer darkness to light.
I heard the Clan head of the tribe in an interview say, “such
practice stopped in the late 90s”
The chiefs are not talking because 98% of them have their
‘Moneywives’. It’s a status thing. Can you be termed without a ‘
Money wife’?
The youths who ought to be a strong voice against this practice
are scared of being killed if they dare speak out.
Even the elites are watching from the sidelines.
How long shall this wickedness continue?
I will not under any circumstance, subscribe to my girl-child to be
sold into a marriage relationship that hangs of the greed and profit
of the man who is old enough to be a great grand-father to my
Some of the girls are crying out.
Not long ago, a thirteen years old girl was raped by the husband
who felt he had waited too long as the girl was bought when she
was just 3years old.
The girl ran away from the village at midnight.
I am still at want of words to describe how desperate she was in,
as to run through the mountain road that takes hours of trek alone
– roads that a walk alone in the noon can be scary.
At a recent meeting held with both families that sold and bought
this desperate run-away girl-child, I was so numbed by shock to
hear both families charge at me (in my house) that it’s their
tradition and depriving the man of his ‘sweat and fruit of his labour’
was unchristian and un-missionary.
Severally I have been harrassed, my house invaded with demands
to produce their run-away daughters.
Where have our consciences travelled to?
Where also is our passion to see our children grow and become
better than us, the parents?
Why destroy the destiny of our little girls in Becheve tribe?
GOOD NEWS…. The chiefs and people of Becheve have all agreed
that such practice be stopped.
…we rescued a seven year old who was to be used as a
replacement Money wife eight days ago. You don’t understand?
Ok. Now read: a man had paid N18,000 (about $52) for a girl-child.
She dies at 14yrs and because she did not give birth to child
before her death, another girl was given as a replacement. The
second girl died when she was 12yrs old… without a child.
Now a replacement – the third replacement for the SAME MAN,
FOR N18,000 is sought and found. …BUT WE SAY, ENOUGH!
This stupid madness has got to end.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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  3. That’s what most people believe, but it unfair they suppose to be helping each other

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