Marriage not for canal minded

Relationship is critical. Our young women are going through a lot of uncalled for stress and challenges in the name of relationship with a man whom they are not sure will marry them, losing at the end because of lack of instruction and guidance. In fact, Marriage is more critical. Understanding the values and price tag of the individuality and personality of your spouse is so important, if not you may end up losing him or her to another person. Keeping a handsome man these days is more difficult than keeping a beautiful lady.

The reverse is no more the case. The challenges and headache are too much. If i am a woman, i rather marry a normal man that is handsome in character and spirit than to marry an assumed tall and handsome man. At worst, tall and handsome unbeliever. Even tall and handsome baby Christians are something else, which requires careful trading. Sweet Brothers in church are causing more emotional havoc to our young women more than the sweet worldly brothers. 1 John 4:1 instructs, Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God.

I advice, you trade carefully. Majority of ladies wants to marry tall
and handsome men but you have to understand the more handsome he is, the more external difficulties surrendering him that you might face. And if you eventually marry him, you need to be ready to love and care for him beyond the usual. My wife didn’t accept my marriage proposal because i am just tall and handsome, she accepted me because i put her first in everything, even before we met face to face, i was ministering to her spirit through direct calls and internet in a very selfless manner, and i never asked of s3x. In summary, relationship is critical. Marriage is more critical and it isn’t for a weak mind or man.

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