Marrying for economic reasons increase the chances of divorce

Economically, things are rough. It has become tough to make ends
meet. Men and women today have abandoned principles which
were used by our forefathers & mothers to pick a marriage partner.
Virtues like God fearing, humble, family background, compatibility
of destiny were used long ago to select a life partner. Today
because of economic hardships, all these virtues have been thrown
in the trash bin. Men & women today look at the economic state of a person as number one priority before marrying them, for women it is
security, for men today, it is also security. Well, this trend is not all wrong, what is wrong is that other things to consider when picking a life partner have been abandoned. If she can help put bread on the table, then she is definitely the one.
You see, sharing bills with your partner is an awesome thing, but
only if your partner has other good qualities. Some people will help
out and dramatize it. For men, it is our responsibility,women are
not entirely obliged.
Trust me, this has been very problematic. In fact it is one of the
causes for divorce. Once some of these men & women marry, the
plan backfires, the discover that the woman or the man is very
stingy with their money. They fail to consolidate family programs.
In some cases, it happens that the woman is paid more than the
man, and if the woman is not well cultured, she tries to throw that
in a mans face, man’s ego cannot allow that, hence he runs to
court filling for divorce.
What am i trying to say, dont marry people because of their
financial status, well you can find well cultured people who are
also financially sound, but put other things like family background,
humbleness, religious background etc when picking a marriage
So you had a financial argument with your wife during the day, you
try to initiate love making in the night, you cuddle, but boom, your
erection is weak. Ego. You are still hurt lol. Marry for love,
marriage is not a financial break through.

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