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    Almost every single person I have met that wants to get marry
    is afraid of marrying the wrong person, everyone wants to
    marry the right person including this man writing this.
    I had had a lot of people asked me how they will know that
    they’re with the wrong person. Since this year began, my inbox
    has been on fire with many people bombarding me with
    questions and concerns about their relationship lives.
    One common thing I often deduct from their questions and
    concerns is that they don’t want to make marital mistake,
    they want to marry Mr and Mrs Right. I’m sure you that’s
    reading this is also among these people I’m talking about.
    There is nothing wrong with that.
    The importance of marrying the right person cannot be over
    emphasized because who you marry will impact every single
    area of your life, it can prolong or shorten your life, it can mar
    you or mar you and it can make your life miserable or blissful.
    One important mistake you should pray that God will help you
    to avoid is marital mistake. Shine your eyes.
    A lot of people in relationship today are in doubt and confused
    if they are with the right person or about to make a mistake. If
    that is your case, then, this article is meant for you. I present
    to you 7 Signs You Are With The Wrong Person.
    1. Lack of Peace Of Mind
    Lack of peace in a relationship is enough sign that you’re with
    the wrong person. Peace of mind in your relationship is often
    the voice of God telling you to go ahead. A right person will
    give you peace of mind.
    Psalm 85:8 said, “I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for
    He shall speak PEACE…”
    If you lack peace of mind, check it, you may be with the
    wrong person.
    2. Confusion
    When you observe that since a person entered your life, you
    don’t know what your life is all about again, you don’t know
    your left from your right. You are just confused about any and
    When you are in this kind of situation, you don’t need a
    prophet to tell you to borrow leg and run for your life. God is
    not the author of confusion.
    3. Abuse
    Abuse is in different ways, physical abuse(beating, hitting,
    slapping, punching etc.), emotional abuse(neglect,
    manipulation, blackmail, cursing etc.), sexual abuse(rape,
    harassment etc.) etc.
    When you are with a person that beats, hits, punches and
    abused you and makes you cry all the time, you better run.
    4. Lack Of Progress
    When there’s no progress in your life, your life seems
    stagnated and grounded ever since the person enter your life,
    that may be a sign you’re with the wrong person.
    When there’s no improvement or progress spiritually,
    intellectually, financially, and otherwise, that maybe a sign
    too. Check it. Has any good thing happen in your life since the
    person came.
    5. Lack Of Conviction
    Conviction is a knowing, not just a knowing but a strong
    knowing that something is right. We also call this inner
    So, when there’s no conviction, you’ve prayed, fasted, sought
    for counsel yet you’re full of doubt, God maybe saying
    6. People’s Testimonies
    The Bible says that, through the mouth of 2 or 3 people every
    matter shall be established. Sometimes, when God wants to
    deliver us from danger, He uses people to warn us.
    So, when you have a lot of people, not just 2 or 3, warning
    you about a particular person, pause and think. Don’t neglect
    it. An adage says, when a child is crying and pointing his
    hand at a place, if his mother is not there, his father will
    surely be there. Pause and think. Ask questions for
    7. Questionable Character
    When he smokes, drinks and visits the night clubs, when she
    keeps and follows 20 men concurrently, these are warning
    signs that you maybe dealing with a potential cheat,
    womanizer and manizer.
    Don’t neglect questionable characters. Ask questions. Demand
    an end to them and if not, waka. A broken relationship is by
    far better than a broken marriage.