The use of Portable Document Files is no longer uncommon, in this age of technology; it is a part of everyday life. Despite it being the most popular of all extensions due to its ability to be opened on any kind of operating system and in its original format, its easy viewing and its low size, not everyone likes its format due to some vivid limitations.

For one, it cannot be edited on-screen due to its customization and need for special programs to edit it. Another limitation it has is that they are similar to pictures thus have restricted usage.
The need to edit various created PDF files has led to an era of file conversion which makes for easier alterations of contents of a document. File conversion is done to suit the users’ needs and taste.

Even though the PDF format is used daily, many do not know its other uses which will be highlighted below:
Data can be accessed by the user anytime as they are archived and hardly prone to loss.
Files can be created electronically thus enabling offices and business operate a “paperless policy”
They can be used to exchange documents as well as distribute them due to its universal property as they can be viewed on any computer.
Original graphic contents are preserved online which can in turn be used for articles in magazines, flyers, brochures, prospectus etc.

As earlier stated the need to make files editable has called for the use of other file extensions thus files can be converted from one form to the other. Some of the forms to which PDF can be converted are:
Microsoft word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Rich Text Format

Converting to Microsoft word.
Microsoft word is much simpler and editable. It is a globally used word processor. Errors made can be easily corrected whilst also checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes. One major advantage this file format has over PDF is that the general layout of the page can be altered to the user’s choice. Conversion to this format can be done online as the process is simple. All you need to do is to upload the selected PDF file to a trusted website such as or, the file then converts for a few minutes depending on its size. After this the file can now be downloaded or you can request for it to be sent to your email. Files in the format as stored as “.docx” or “.doc”.

Converting to Microsoft Excel
Also known as spread sheets, they are in common use in offices and organizations worldwide as they are used to keep financial records. However some records are stored in PDF format and might need to be transferred to spread sheets. In order to convert PDF to Excel, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is needed. To do this, the PDF file needs to be opened in the OCR software. It in turn starts the process of character recognition as it scans all pages of the PDF document. Selection of the table format needs to be done in the OCR which enables presentation of data in rows and columns. Once this process is complete, the file is then saved in “.xls” or “.xlm” format however, data might still need to be formatted and verified manually to ensure that it tallies while unwanted items can be deleted. The newly-converted excel file can then be edited to make it look like the original file.
Converting to Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint deals with slides used for presentation. Converting to the format can be done online on websites trusted such as listed before (see number 1 point) or through some software such as “Able2Extract”. Files converted to this format come out with the extension “.ppt”
Converting to Rich Text Format
This type of format is known for its minute size thus making it the preferred choice, conversion can be done through software called the PDFElement. Output comes in the extension “.rtf”.

In conclusion, PDF files can also be converted to JPG or JPEG formats which are file extensions for pictures or images. Whatever format you choose to convert to, make sure it suits your need and you are comfortable with it in order to make work easier.

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