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Miss Uganda Goes Natural After President Museveni Criticized ‘Indian Hair’

The current Miss Uganda, who was recently crowned as Miss World Africa has heed to the request by Yoweri Museveni to embrace the African Culture by wearing her natural hair.
The Ugandan President took to social media to thank her for taking up initiative after the honest advise he gave her at the State House meet up.
“When we met in Entebbe, I advised Abenakyo to keep her hair natural. I am glad she heeded the advice and re-asserted her African identity. God beautifully created Africans, there is no need to add or subtract anything.” he said on twitter
After her big win and taking the crown home, Muzukulu Quiin Abenakyo was showered with praise by Ugandans as well as the President.
Despite the praise to the beauty, Museveni threw shade at her fake ‘Indian hair’ and suggested that natural hair is the way to go. “We must show African beauty in its natural form.” he said
A positive critic perhaps but the fact that he indicated that this was his only concern raises brows’.
We are living in the era where women are all sorts of obsessed about make up, fake nails, fake eyebrows and all the things that count as beauty enhancers.
Although it is not bad to use any of the above, critics say that the real African beauty is being dimmed and the true definition of beauty is taking new form and shape.
Abenakyo had this new look which is absolutely stunning and gorgeous; during a dinner event hosted by Museveni and his wife as earlier promised.
Apart from the earlier critic, Museveni assured the Ugandan Beauty that the government will support the Miss Uganda Foundation and also support Abenakyo in her activities.
He was equally impressed and commended Abenakyo’s parents for raising her with values.
He added that many young people today rush into promiscuity and ruin their lives, yet a little patience and completing school would give them a foundation on which to enjoy the rest of their lives with their spouses.
The Ugandan head of state also went ahead to wish her success in her reign as Miss Uganda and Miss World Africa

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