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Money tips that are worth knowing at 30 to avoid regrets at 50

At the age of 30, you make a series of money decisions that could either make or mar your future/retirement plan. Check out these effective money tips that would set you on the right track to prosperity for life.
Have different sources of income
With the way the economy is presently, having just one source of income won’t cut it even if it is enough for your upkeep. It is always better to have different sources of income so you can start up savings for the future.
Kids can wait
Starting up a family of your own with your partner is the desire of every couple. However, it is important to be financially settled before thinking of having kids. This way you avoid embarrassing money issues in your family.
Don’t borrow to pay debts
Loans should be avoided as much as possible but if you happen to take a loan, save up to pay the loan without taking up a new loan to settle your old debts.
Invest wisely
Investments act as a financial cushion for old age, one general rule of thumb to follow is having enough information on whatever project you wish to invest in especially its propensity of being profitable.
Embrace responsibilities
Go for that promotion at work, take on that project, improve your professional skills and step up your career to the next level. All these improve your finances immensely and also adds value to your life.

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