Morning habits we should say goodbye to

What if your chances of having a great day are actually determined by your morning habits?
If every morning for you starts with you hitting the shower, gulping down black coffee and managing to chomp on some cereal, then it might interest you to know that some of these day-to-day morning habits might make us less productive during the day and could prove harmful to our health.
Here, check out morning habits that you need to ditch right away.
Staying glued to your phone
The rate at which we’ve become attached to our mobile devices is so alarming! In fact, most of the time the first thing we reach out to right after waking up is our Android phone; we then pore over news columns, comments, and all. As good as staying updated on the latest is, starting off your day with stuff on other people’s lives isn’t ideal!
Black coffee
Black coffee appears to be the go-to beverage for every working class individual out there. However, drinking coffee right after waking up could increase cortisol levels thereby stimulating anxiety symptoms. If you really can’t do without your morning cup of coffee, then the least you could do is adding a little milk or cream.
Making your bed
You making your bed after waking up might seem like the normal thing to do especially if you’re all for hygiene or orderliness. However, contrarily to what we believe, with this simple act we could create a nice environment for dust mites because the moisture on the body left on the sheets hasn’t really evaporated. So, you might want to chill a bit or just move the blanket from the mattress completely so they dry off.


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