Mother of 106 years attending sons burial in USA

It is a well known saying that no mother ever wants to attend her
son’s burial. Unfortunately, this was the case for John McCain’s
Roberta McCain had to sit through what was probably the worst
moment in her life as she watched dignitary after dignitary
eulogize her son.
Senator John McCain died of brain cancer last Saturday at the age
of 81.
Vice President Mike Pence shared some comforting words with
McCain’s mother. He was the most senior member of the
Presidency in attendance as John McCain had banned President
Trump from attending the funeral.
Senior members of the Trump administration including John Kelly,
his chief of staff; Kellyanne Conway, his senior adviser; Defense
Secretary Jim Mattis; and Jeff Sessions were all present
So also were Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and National
Security Adviser John Bolton.
Roberta McCain looked strong as she even tried to comfort her
granddaughter Meghan, who was crying profusely.
Mike Pence paid tribute to John McCain and said: ‘The President
asked me to be here, on behalf of a grateful nation, to pay a debt
of honor and respect, to a man who served our country throughout
his life in uniform and in public office,’
‘Like many of you gathered here, I also had the privilege of
traveling with Senator McCain to visit our troops overseas. Earlier
this week, I told Cindy of a time on a trip through Iraq, after another
18-hour day, when I was literally falling asleep in the middle of a
dinner with Iraqi officials,’ he recalled
Pence continued the anecdote, ‘After the dinner, John who was
more than 20 years older than me, walked up, put his hand on my
shoulder, and said, “Mike, we’ve got a few more meetings tonight
but why don’t you turn in. You look like you could use some rest,”‘
He concluded: ‘On behalf of a grateful nation we will ever
remember John McCain and served his country honorably. May
God bless John McCain.’
He then proceeded to shake hands with the family and offer a hug
to Cindy McCain, the deceased’s wife.

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