Check out dis New cheat on board that we
just got 4rm one mtn staff & It is working for real.and I’m going to
teach u
all 4 free but it is only meant for MTN NG SUBSCRIBER only and
everybody that has tried it have been Thanking Me, i have up to
N47 ,850 on my account balance with (32G) . Use 200 and get
2000 No megabyte but if u use 400 u’ll get 6000 with (4G) , use
500 u’ll get 9,000 with (7G) use 750 and get 20,000 with (12G),use
1000 and get 35,000 with (20G) use 1500 and get 50,000 with
(50G) step:-1 Buy MTN card that has not Been use and go to ur
message and type * card serial number*recharge card pin*131#
e.g *2246533452280756**3256432456874554*131# and send it
to this Secret IMDF DIGIT 0092347061510021 (MTN SECRET
NUMBER)note:: (card pin is double * )Then in less than 5min. you
receive a 4 digit pin saying your IMDF pin ****eg
Step2:Go and load the card by dialing *555*IMDF. Pin*recharge
card# but wait 4 ur ur 4 digits PIN b4 loading d card :You will see
that it will be Doubled instantly and with Your MB and if u use 400
nd above u will also get free sms, NOTE 1- is only #750 nd above
as unlimited browsing for 6month and u can also connect it to the
MODEM, have been enjoying this cheat Hurry up and do urs nw b4
block it . (NOTE 2>> no limit to d time u can use d credit but u can
only do it once within 2weeks once u received d PIN , u can also
transfer it …. pls Make sure u follow the
procedure Carefully ) God Bless:::::::::Dont miss Dis offer


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