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Muslim is born to rule over non Muslim infidels, how true?

During the 1999 elections, shortly before the 4th republic. For the
first time in the history of national elections in Nigeria there was
no northern candidate or Muslim contesting for president. And
both parties were very scared that a lot of Muslim northerners
won’t go to the polls to vote for a Christian/southern candidate. It
was rumoured that both APP and PDP started spreading false
propaganda among the rural Muslim northerners and illiterates. To
help him get a lot of votes, the then PDP presidential candidate
‘Olusegun Obasanjo’ was renamed ‘Uba Sirajo’, which was a Muslim
sounding name. It wasn’t until after they gave him an Arabic name
that sounded like “obasanjo” that they could get some illiterates in
rural areas to vote for him. Because they believe it to be a taboo
for an infidel to rule over a Muslim. While I have no way to validate
these rumours, this isn’t quite far from the truth. Hausa Muslims
have the born to rule mentality. they believe that they are racially
superior to any other tribe because they are Muslims, and every
Muslim is born to rule over non Muslim infidels. Muslim’s are
Allah’s chosen. The instructions are simple, don’t vote for a
Christian. Because they believe a nation ruled by a christian or
infidel won’t be protected by allah’s mercy and calamity is likely to
befall it. As per this logic, Boko Haram reached its peak during
goodluck’s regime because Allah wanted to punish them for
allowing an infidel hold onto power. One will begin to wonder how
this people reason, Islamic majority countries are among the most
violent and least developed in the world. Why was Allah when
Christian Europe and North America became more prosperous than
the Muslim countries? Make no mistake, even if they’ll starve after
he wins, the core north Is still going to vote for buhari because of

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