“My 24th Night Experience In Onitsha Was My Worst Encounter With Criminals”

What appears to be a season of celebration has out of the blue turn out to be my worst encounter with criminals. On this fateful day, 24th December I boarded a bus from Lagos to Onitsha. After lengthy hours of journey I lastly arrived onitsha at round 7:15pm. I alighted at Lagos park and proceed to my vacation spot, As I made to cross over to the opposite a part of the street the place I can get a bus going to my location.

As I made it over to the subsequent street and was strolling very quick, I observed like 5 boys coming after me, so I moved quicker and simply earlier than I might flag down a KEKE driver one other group of men rounded me earlier than I might say Jack they’ve began disposing me of my belongings. On the spot I used to be robbed of my 2 telephones and nearly 15okay I used to be having with me. As this was occurring individuals have been passing, no one got here to know what is going on with me. As they have been looking my bag they noticed my 2 financial institution ATM’s. Two of them began manhandling me asking for my ATM pin, I turned too frightened and I gave them the pin to allow them to depart me alone. As that isn’t sufficient they requested me to comply with them to the ATM to allow them to verify if the pin is definitely right. Considered one of them urged they held me in captivity whereas they go to the closest ATM stand.

After roughly 1 hour with them they lastly Fred me after I’ve been disposed of all my belongings. They withdrew all my cash in my checking account and left me hopeless. As at then I can not proceed with my journey cos I’m completely down and scared I used to be shivering. This occurs to be my worst encounter with criminals. I wish to ask,,, What’s the authorities of Anambra state doing over the actions of this criminals in that higher iweka. The crime fee in that space is considerably on the rise.

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  1. Chai sorry dear

  2. This is very bad

  3. Very bad attack

  4. so sad

  5. It so painful

  6. Is very unfortunate

  7. This is not good

  8. Painful

  9. So Sad, felt sorry for you.

  10. Is well ooo

  11. Nice update at naira lovers

  12. hhmm

  13. Eiyaaa sorry

  14. Abin Tausayi

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