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The next morning,
she got a massive envelope in her mail, it said private and
confidential. . . . . On her kitchen table making lunch, she opened
it and saw the paper work for the purchase of her house. She was
heartbroken that her landlord had finally decided to sell until she
saw the buyer’s name and signature: it was hers. She was
confused, but not for long, she knew it was Seb, it had to be him.
He forged her signature and bought her a house, she quickly went
on her bank’s mobile app to see if he used her money, indeed the
amount for the house left her account but it wasn’t her money to
begin with. He put in the money in her account, hacked it and paid
for the house in her name, he signed the papers and then left her
an extra 100 grand apart from what was initially in her account.
This guy is a psycho and a stalker and a freaking CIA, she
thought. On a whatsapp group the girls created, she wrote. Girls,
my house ASAP, faceless guy is stalking me. Jenny was there
first, Tasha came in later. They were all worried, how’d he find her,
this wasn’t suppose to happen. They all agreed that she should
leave the house for a while and stay at Jenny’s because it was
more secured with security alarms and all. On her way to Jenny’s,
she made a quick stop over at Dr Kendrick’s who was shocked
that Seb had stopped by her house. He wasn’t aware of any of
these. He apologised and offered to give Liz her full money back,
but she was more interested in him making Seb disappear than
anything. Back at Jenny’s, the doors were locked and the alarm
set, if he tries to break the lock, the alarm will go off and then the
security company will call and ask for a code, the code will
determine whether or not they’ll call the police. Jenny said the
regular code is blueberries but if she is under duress when they
call, she’ll say the code is strawberries and the security company
will immediately alert the police and send her address. Liz
couldn’t feel more safe. Since she left the baby cot in her house,
she slept with Drew on the queen size bed in Jenny’s guest room.
At night she rolled over and she felt a body too big to be Drew’s
on her bed. It was Sebastian. He was topless and he had Drew
over his chest. “Jesus, do you ever go away? Or are you some
ghost? How did you get in here? I was running from you.” “My
Ph.D was in cryptanalysis. I have worked for the CIA for 7 years,
before then I had worked for google, and the early onset of
facebook. I am currently working on contract with the FBI and the
US cyber command. It was just a door security system, I could
breach it since my second year at Harvard.” He said in a whisper it
sounded so scary “We have to be quiet so we don’t wake Drew, he
looks so peaceful I could stare at his face till I fall asleep.” “Yeah
but please leave my bed.” “Be quiet and go back to sleep, if I
wanted to do something, I would have. I have been here for over 2
hrs watching you toss and turn and snore.” “I don’t snore” “Yeah
you do. Sleep, I will be out of here by morning.” Oddly enough, she
had a sound sleep, she had started to develop a fondness for him.
Maybe because he had a protective air to him or because he was
hot or maybe because he hadn’t stolen her baby yet. But if he
would, he would have done it. She wanted to speak to him about
buying the house but when she woke up, Drew was tucked in
beside her and Sebastian was gone. She didn’t want to alarm
Jenny so she said she was going back to her house. The girls tried
to discourage her but she insisted. Drew was napping in the
afternoon in his cot when the door bell rang, It was Sebastian.
“You forgot his favourite bumble bee pacifier at Jenny’s and your
pyjama bottoms, plus I brought lunch – Chinese,” he said the
moment she opened the door. Liz looked at him for a while
grinding her teeth. He stood there, puppy eyed holding the
Chinese food in one hand and her pyjamas and Drew’s pacifier on
the other. She kissed her teeth “Okay, come in, this is the last
time.” “You said so the last time” he whispered underneath his
breath. “Oh yeah? I will kick you out that door.” “Was trying to be
civil when I used the door and doorbell. I could simply use your
bathroom window.” “Does the CIA know they are brooding
criminals,” she said as she sat down “And by the way, do you have
any prove apart from what you said that you are working for the
CIA?” He handed her his ID. “I don’t know why you are afraid to let
me in. I know you have had a lot of bad experiences with men in
the past, but all I am saying is please let me in Carassima –
dearest.” “Hmm, you speak Italian? Impressive,” she said
surprised. “Ja ich will – yes I do,” he replied “You speak German
too? How many languages do you speak?” “Demasiados señorita –
too many Miss.” He said smiling. “Oh, Spanish now.” “C’est vrai –
thats right” “Back to French are we?” “Sim – Yes” “Jesus!
Portuguese? Please stop, I have a headache.” “You are too smart
for your own good. Ask me anything that is not work related and I
promise, you won’t have a headache. Anything you wanna know.”
“You don’t even know shit about me and you are willing to tell me
all about you?” “Who says? Hmm let me see. Birth name Elizabeth
Michael Unuah, named after your paternal grandmother. Your dad
Is Micheeal Unuah, your mum’s maiden name is Leah Ozolur. You
named our baby after your older brother Andrew who was killed in
a jungle justice while he was a student at a university in the
Southern part of the country. Currently you have a younger
brother much younger than yourself, his name is Michael Jnr.
Your dad is a General in the army and the death of his son hit him
hard. Your mum works with the ministry of women affairs, and
before then she was with the ministry of education. She lectured
with the university when she was at the ministry of education. You
grew up in Abuja and currently your family lives in Gwarimpa. Your
little brother is in a boarding school for boys in Switzerland. Do I
go on?” Liz was quiet, this was information her longest lasting
boyfriend didn’t know, he said there was a lot to know about her.
How could she not feel something for this guy that knows this
much about her? She quickly dismissed the thought, he was after
all a CIA agent, it was his job to know about people. “I am sorry
about your brother, I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Seb said as he
reached for her hands. “That’s okay. All gone. Tell me all I need to
know about you.” “There is hardly anything to me. I was born in
Louisiana, Shreveport. My mum only had a high school diploma.
She work hours on end to put my dad through medical school. He
graduated and started interning in Surgery. He was good, so good
he started sleeping with his scrub nurse. He left when I was three,
married his scrub nurse and has a new family in Atlanta, he is now
a Cardiothoracic surgeon. If for nothing, this is why I want to be
here for Drew. He doesn’t have to be without a dad if he can. All I
am asking is that you trust me with him, with you. Just once, let
me show you that I mean it.” “You are a better man than your
father Seb, you don’t have to proof it.” “But I want to. I want to
play sports with him like I wish my dad did with me, I want to be at
his school functions when you can’t and help him with his science
projects. With your consent of course. I know neither of us wished
for this to happen, but it has, we should make sure we don’t make
mistakes we’ll regret. Drew is already five months old, I have
missed a vital part of his growth but I don’t have to anymore. All
you have to do is say yes.” Drew started crying “I’ll get him” Seb
said as he went to his nursery. I shouldn’t feel like this, I am not
supposed to feel anything for this man, but why do I feel
something? He is only my sperm donor. she thought to herself.
“You don’t have to fight it,” Seb was holding Drew, she didn’t
realise she was thinking out loud until he answered her. “You have
been hurt before and I know that, you’d be brave to give your heart
to another man but if you choose not to, I’ll respect that. All I am
saying is just let me love you.” “I am just confused, my mum is
coming next month and…” “I know. I really want to meet her but if
we don’t define our relationship, then I can’t. But that is not what
scares me, what scares me is that Drew is getting wiser than his
age, he may sense we are a family that is a bit off. I know if you
had to choose, I may not be your first choice but the universe
made us have a baby together, if that is not sign enough, I don’t
know what is.” “I need to be alone Seb.” “Okay, but just think
about what I said. Take your time.” he hands her Drew and walks

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