My challenge this year is to fix the problems with facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

The founder and CEO of facebook noted in an interview that his personal challenge for 2018 has been to fix the most important
issues facing Facebook whether that’s defending against
election interference by nation states, protecting our community
from abuse and harm, or making sure people have control of their
information and are comfortable with how it’s used.
I’m spending a lot of time on these issues, and as the year winds
down I’m going to write a series of notes outlining how I’m
thinking about them and the steps we’re taking to address them.
The first note will be about the steps we’re taking to prevent
election interference on Facebook, which is timely with the US
midterms and Brazilian Presidential elections approaching. I’ll write
about privacy, encryption and business models, and then about
content governance and enforcement as well in the coming
While my challenge is for 2018, these are all efforts that will take
years. The most important effort — rebuilding all of our content
enforcement systems to proactively find harmful content rather
than wait for people to flag issues — is at least a three-year
project. The good news is we started this in 2017, so even though
this work will extend through 2019, I do expect us to end this year
on a significantly better trajectory than when we entered it.
What I’ve learned so far is that when you build services that are
used by billions of people across countries and cultures, you will
see all of the good humanity is capable of, and people will try to
abuse those services in every way possible. It is our responsibility
to amplify the good and mitigate the bad.
While a lot of this work is just about doing our jobs better — finding
issues faster, making fewer mistakes, etc — many of the hardest
decisions we face involve difficult tradeoffs between principles we
value deeply. For example, giving people a voice is at the heart of
our mission. But we also have a responsibility to keep people safe.
Encryption increases privacy and security for individuals but
makes it more difficult to fight misinformation and hate at scale.
Requiring verification for ads and pages makes election
interference more difficult, but it also creates roadblocks for
dissidents and smaller, less well-funded groups engaging in those
These are nuanced questions, and building the right systems and
policies to address them is important. We’re taking this work very
seriously — and I’ve spent a lot of time talking to outside experts to
get their perspective. I look forward to sharing more of what we’ve
been thinking about soon.


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