My experience during my presentation at Nigerian Defence Academy-Tosan Blessing

I withstood the Nigerian Military establishment today. Thank you
General Gabriel Olonisakin and General Burutai for inviting me to
address over 600 soldiers and cadets at the NDA Quarter Gaurds
auditorium. I mentioned that the historical devolution of Nigeria
does not have any statutory place for the military and by that fact
the concept of preserving territorial integrity was a dorminant
theme introduced by neocolonial compradores to justify military
intervention. I said Africa and indeed its societies were woven in a
tapestry of interdependent relations without borders and that the
calibre of men sitted before me had their places in other gainful
preoccupations and not in carrying bayonets, fiefs, guns and
mortal fires. I argued that the military intervention in Nigeria was
absolutely to disarticulate the Historical process and to foist on
Nigeria a social mechanism that is unknown to its social template.
I said none of the famed achievement of the military raised the civil
consciousness of the Nigerian populace. I said state creation for
example only brought about unviability and democratization of
violence as many States today in Nigeria are unable to function on
their own. I said state creation is the only reason the talks for
restructure and true federalism have not succeeded. I said there
was amnesty in the Niger Delta as much as there was in the North
especially available for cattle rustlers in zamfara and Boko Haram
in the North East. I said more than anything else Tompolo was not
the problem of Nigeria as the military is. I closed by concluding
that the military is a colonial institution meant to protect the haves
from the havenots in post colonial Nigeria. That our borders are as
porous as ever and that our territorial integrity were being
breeched daily. I heard the gun corked but was focused on my
desk top and power point content. At the end there was a riotous
ovation and a disruption in the conventional belief system. The
soldier who corked his gun in the presence of chiefs is presently
being evaluated.


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