My Friend’s Lover Is Also My Lover True Life Story


Some time ago i was invited by a friend to witness a case between another of our friend and his new girlfriend. we all went to our meeting point and waited for the girl and her friends to arrive which after a short period of time they did. on their arrival i was surprised my new girl was among them too. as they approach the point she saw me and suddenly stopped, i called her by her name which she did not answer and was only standing still and looking confused. my friends turned around and looked at me and one among them asked, do you have any thing to do with her and i answered she is the JAMBITE i told you guys about. it was a moment of suprise for every one including her two friends that came with her probable as deffendants. at that point the story changed from settling and re-uniting two lovers to uniting two friends to one lover.


i called one of her friend to a private corner and asked her to leave with her friend promising to see them later which she did. I and my friends did the boys thing by laughing and abusing each other of not keeping to one girlfriend(then). we agreed on busting the idea of continuing but i insist of continuing the relationship and actually did though no more together.

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do you say life while in school is different from after school?


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