My Husband Kidnapped Me And Forced Me To Marry, Woman Tells Court

At Ibadan, in a Mapo Customary Court docket, a 10-year-marriage between one Omowumi Lamidi and Mukaila Lamidi was dissolved on Friday. This occurred after the spouse made claims that she was compelled into the wedding.

The president of the court docket, Ademola Odunade, held that the court docket dissolved the union resulting from exploitation and the menace to life raised by Omowumi.

Odunade additionally suggested Omowumi to keep away from confrontation with Mukaila, popularly generally known as ‘Auxiliary’ for her security.

He awarded the custody of the three-year-old youngster produced by the union to Omowumi and ordered Mukaila to pay a month-to-month allowance of N5,000 for the kid’s repairs.

In addition to, he ordered Mukaila to be liable for the kid’s welfare, together with schooling.

In her petition, Omowumi, a chemist, who resides at Olodo space of Ibadan, mentioned Mukaila had compelled her into the wedding.

“My lord, Mukaila used his place as a member of the Nationwide Union of Street Transport Staff in Ibadan to take advantage of me when he kidnapped me 10 years in the past into a wedding, which I by no means needed.

“On that day, Mukaila despatched some hooligans to hold me into his house with out my mother and father’ consent and in reality, he was the one, who deflowered me.

“Since then, he had maintained that I remained the most effective amongst all his wives and concubines.

“With my expertise as a chemist, I refused to get pregnant for him regardless of all his forceful sexual activity with me.

“Nonetheless, three years in the past, I made a decision to have a child for Mukaila as a result of I knew that I used to be not getting any youthful and there was no technique of breaking out of his shackles.

“I even stood by him when he was sentenced to jail just a few years in the past.

“When Mukaila returned from the jail, he resumed his assault on me and his newest hit was his menace to take my life,” she mentioned.

She advised the court docket that her mother and father have been helpless concerning the state of affairs and urged the court docket to separate them.

Though Mukaila was not in court docket, the bailiff advised the court docket that he had served Mukaila the court docket’s notices on a number of events, which he turned down.



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