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“…But she was my best friend and I loved her” Mirabel said as she sobbed.
“Calm down and tell me what went wrong” Sam said to her niece.
“You know Angela my best friend, we’ve been best friends since Primary 1. All of a sudden she said she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore. She said that I was boring and that she was out of my league. She is now friends with Keisha and the rest of the girls.”
“I am so sorry to hear that Mirabel, I knew how close you two were.”
“We were planning our 13th together and now she sees me as a stranger. I can’t live anymore, I can’t go to school or dance class, she’ll be there and I really do miss her Aunt Sam.”
Sam was quiet for a moment, she thought long and hard for what to say to her niece. She was sitting by the dresser and Mirabel was on her very pink bed with pictures of she and Angela on the wall.
“What do I do Aunt Sam? Should I beg her to forgive me?”
“Forgive you for what? You didn’t do anything wrong, she just didn’t want you in her life anymore. Listen to me Mira, life is like a big mango tree with lots of mango fruits on it which represents your close friends. Some ripe, some unripe. Then suddenly there is a shaking, the ripe mangos fall off leaving the unripe. The ripe mangos are not bad, their season is over and their work is done. They however leave the unripe ones. Soon enough, the unripe ones become ripe and along comes a mighty wind and off they go. They leave the mango tree too, their season in the life of the tree is over. That is how friendship is, most have expiry dates and yours and Angela’s happen to be now.”
She looked at her aunt, more confused than she was initially.
“And after all this, the tree stays without a single fruit. I don’t want to stay without friends.” she was crying again.
“Yes, but not for long, the tree starts to flower and newer fruits emerge. But that is not even the good part. The leaves and branches are always on a mango tree in and out of season. You know who the leaves and branches represent? We, your loved ones that are always here, we’ll never go, we are in this together, always. And soon enough, you will find another best friend who will value you enough to not be a fruit on your tree but a branch. You will know because she will be there for you all the way.”
She wipes her eyes and forced a little smile by the corner of her lips. She made up her mind to just find another friend and be happy.
The next day however, no girl talked to her in class. They all went to Keisha and Angela’s ‘camp’. When she walked into class, there were jiggles and stares her direction. She was sad but decided she will tough it out. Then Daniella told her in the bathroom when they were alone that Angela and Keisha made every girl in class swear to not befriend her. Angela had said so many ill things about Mirabel that she cried all the way home.
She met aunt Sam and told her. She wanted to get back at Angela and Keisha, they were mean and arrogant and they talked bad about her.
“Angela had trusted me with a lot of her secrets, most are in my diary. I will read them all tonight and tell everyone in class tomorrow.” She wasn’t looking at her aunt, if she was, the look of disappointment on aunt Sam’s face didn’t bother her a bit.
Aunt Sam picked her purse and her car keys and left.
She return a while later with a beautiful flower in a flower pot. She met Mirabel on her bed with her diary and a marker highlighting the ‘good gists.’
“Aww aunt Sam, you knew just what I needed to cheer me up. Thank you.”
“Read the writing on the vase.” Samantha had hand written a message to her niece on the flower vase.
“What is this about?” Mira asked.
Handing her packs of flower foods, Sam said “The florist told me the flower will last as long as we want as far as we water and feed it always. Now, I want us to make a pack. For every time you speak ill of Angela or Keisha, or even think of being mean to them, you will rip out a petal with the stem from the flower. Got it?”
“But aunt Sam, the flower will die” distraught Mirabel said clutching unto the flower pot.
“That is the idea, now we’ll see how much you love this flower.”
She kept it by the window seal facing the sun.
A month later when Samantha was visiting her sister, Mirabel was off to her dance classes. She peeked in her room and the flower was not there. She was however drawn to the beauty at the balcony, she saw a massive plant she didn’t recognise but for the inscription on the flower pot she wrote herself “There’s no room for hate in a heart full of kindness.” Beneath that in Mirabel’s handwriting were the words: “MY LITTLE LOVE TREE.”
She smiled, and a wave of pride enveloped her as Mirabel walked through the front door with Daniella.

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