My past life was different from my future expectation-True life story

My childhood friend from senior school got married last Saturday
in Abuja, but sadly i couldn’t attend. We had lost contacts for many
years when he called to invite me to his wedding with over a week
to the big day, and since i couldn’t be a part of his day because of
the short notice i asked him to send me some photos of the
beautiful soul that God has found for him
Now hold on a bit, there’s something about my friend Raji and the
way he picks his women, he loves them very big, wide and
occupying, i mean, if her boobs are not galloping it’s a lie, he’s not interested, Raji is one of those men who have no plans of buying a pillow when they get married, because he believes that the Lord will make him lie down on soft pastures. This brother and i go way back in our worldly days, so when i asked to see a photo there was more to it than wanting to appreciate God for his wonderful bride, and he quickly coded. The first thing he said was “Bro, i will send it to you now, but please don’t scream, i beg you” I said “okay, i won’t, just send it first”. THEN HE DID! Guys, i had to zoom into the photo to find boobs, yet hmmm, the something was like faith; an evidence of things not seen but hoped for . I called him back immediately like ” arrh arrh chief, what happened ” His reply to me was Rhema.
He said “Brotherly, one of the most amazing benefits that comes
with becoming born again and chasing Jesus is MATURITY. There
is a kind of Spirit-Consciouseness that comes upon you, and
makes you begin to detest all the meaningless things that used to
interest you, that was what happened to me.”
You know how you have dreamt and envisioned your life partner to
come in a certain way; i mean you love them big buttocks and
busty, you love them tall, dark handsome with six packs, you have
dreamt of a tall slim lady with a gorgeous waist line, you have
already imagined your wedding at a five-star event centre with a
prince charming who owns a chain of businesses. But all of a
sudden you can’t explain why you’re so madly in love with a guy
that has not even finished his youth service, let alone have a
standard resumè. You can’t explain why you’re planning a wedding
with a lady who is an exact opposite of the big boobs and buttocks
you have been dreaming to marry. Can anybody relate to this?
You look at them and you’re like “you’re not the person i have been
dreaming about, but you’re far better than all the dreams i have
had put together” This is peculiar to God chasers, there’s that Spirit-consciousness that completely erases your own WILL? A consciousness that changes your appetite, those things you used to find interesting just begins to make no sense to you.. The kind of consciousness that will make you look at her buttocks and say “ehheeenn? If her buttocks is not big nko? What will happen? Will i die?, please! “… oh Rhema! this is too deep for me.
For people like us who know that it is not about what we want
anymore, we just lift up Holy hands and say;
“Lord you know what? whatever you’ve got coming for me an
ready to contain, short, tall, slim, thick, busty, buttocksty, six
packs, pot belly, bald or afro, whatever you’ve got for me Lord am
ready for it, because in 3John 1:2 your wishes for me is to prosper
in ALL THINGS, including marriage, even as my health and soul
prospers. I know that your best is always THE BEST!”
It’s not about the physical guys, there is no register in heaven for
men who married women with big buttocks and big boobs.

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