My Prayer Worked, My Cheating Husband Is Now Broke And Unemployed – Wife Rejoices

My Prayer Worked, My Cheating Husband Is Now Broke And Unemployed – Wife Rejoices

A woman has narrated how she caused her husband to become broke and unemployed to ensure that his cheating ways are curtailed.

According to the woman who rejoiced, she prayed for him to lose his job and become penniless so that he would no longer be able to afford side chics.

Sharing how she prayed and fasted to make her wish a reality, the wife wrote to relationship adviser, Adejoro Olumofin, and revealed that she’s happy that her husband is unemployed and broke after she she fasted and prayed for it to be so, because he cheated on her for 5 years in their 9-year-old marriage.

The woman also disclosed that she has been taking care of the family’s financial needs and she is still happy because her husband doesn’t have money to have girlfriends.

In her words;

”Before I start. I love my husband, I love my husband more than anything in the whole wide world.

”Gd evening Joro, (Keep me anonymous)

”I will try to make this brief. I have been married for 9years now. For the first 5 years my husband has been cheating on me.

”Sometimes in 2017 I knelt down in my room naked and prayed to God that my husband should lose his job and not have any income or financial Favor from anyone.

”I opened a prayer book and prayed so much. I did this because if my husband is broke he won’t be able to afford side chick.

”In February 2018, my husband Iost his job and till today he has not been employed. Which is almost 2 years now, I do everything, I pay for school fees, I pay for all the bills.

”My husband is unemployed and this brings me joy. He stopped having gf and he is home more but now I think I want him to have a job. Should I start praying again for him to get a job and sending his CV to family members? So he can get employment. Because I have had peace in my marriage since my husband has been broke.

”I have had Peace. When he gets money he will start having girlfriends again

”God knows I have had peace”

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