We must continue. Biafra is our inheritance take it or live it. Since I
made a post concerning this two so called men of God, my inbox
hasnt rest. A man by name Sylvanusmary mbah from Germany
called me. He was asking me if I know how many people Mbaka
feeds. Secondingly, he said that I am attracting course to myself, I
was just listening to him, he said many things which I call thrash.
We started chatting as you all can see here. He made a statement,
saying that Nnamdi KANU ways of this Biafra stuff is not right,
immediately by my sense of reasoning I know where he belong and
who sent him. Please my brethren, even if my own biological father
deviate from the truth I will rebuke him. I am still not convinced
until some one tells me with fact how Goodluck Jonathan became
badluck to Us? Please can someone convince me. I need to be
convinced with facts and good points. Can someone please
convince me how Good luck Jonathan crushed Our Economy
according to your God, “Mbaka” can someone here convice me
how Biafra agitators became touts as claimed by Mbaka as of
2015. Secondly how has he suddenly forgotten that by the
awareness of the five South Eastern governors, Ipob was tagged a
terrorist group. How suddenly did he forget to challenge them in
their presence about that. How suddenly did Bishop chukwuma
forgotten that the governors of the southeast are the master mind
behind Nnamdi kanu’s family home invation chairmaned and
organised by Ebonyi state governor. Please note, I am not
condemning his speech, but my problem was that he was just
making political statements. The real truth was hidden. Who will
voice it out with boldness and fearless? According to his
statement, “we need a new Nigeria”. How? I am yet to understand
what this people stands for? Who among this people till today has
publicly and boldly asked Buhari or the federal gov to produce
Nnamdi KANU? Has Nnamdi KANU done any wrong to them?
Please I ask again, what wrong has Nnamdi KANU done? For been
sent by Chukwu okike to liberate his children from Religious and
political slavery? Please I need someone to convince me, I need to
be convinced or I blow hotter. “Touch not my anointed and do my
prophet no harm” this is how you know Religious fanatics. The
only prophet and anointed that I will do no harm is ” prophet Nazi
Nnamdi KANU” he is another saviour I know after Yehshua.Some
one that tells you that buharis is the Messiah and today he tells you
that buharis has caused hunger in the land you call man of God?
Some one who tells you that we need new Nigeria, even when he
nows that it is not possible you called man of God? I have a
question to ask. Do God’s words change? When God told Noah to
build a ship that he will destroy the world as of them, did it later
happens? Mbaka told us that God told him that goodluck is bad
luck and that buhari is the change Changer, are you trying to tell
me that God lies? Even a fellow pastor, Chris okafor rebuked
Mbaka for his false prophesies. If your waiting for these people
you call men of God to speak on your behalf , actually they will
speak, but they will be selective and won’t say the real point. Any
one who claims he or she is a man of God should wake up now
and support this Biafra struggle if not for me your a business man
not man of God. I myself I am a man of God and I will continue to
voice out what you religious fanatics won’t love to hear. I remain
Dandy Nnaemeka iloelunachi 1 of Biafra. Oya Religious fanatics
(ndi eriri eri) attack me


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