MY TAKE ON APC AND PRESIDENT BUHARI: They have failed Nigerians

I’ve been silent about the happenings in Nigeria for close to two
months now. The reason for my silence is not far fetched from my
resolve to carryout a personal survey of events in Nigeria as
regards my stands in 2019. Indeed we all agree to the obvious fact
that PMB has failed. For lack of better adjective, we are

constrained to use the name FAILURE for the government led by
PMB. It is saddening more to the lot of us who canvassed votes
amidst glaring documents which opined of the masterclass
ineptness of the man Buhari. For the sincerity of purpose and our
genuine love for the country like all other citizens who had
different views as against ours, we all wanted a new and working
Nigeria. A country we all can beat our chests (whether breast

elevated or not), and say we are proud to be Nigerians once again.
We all wanted from different fronts a society devoid of ethnic
coloration, a country where religion, party affiliation or any of such
thing won’t be the first call for addressing any citizen. We all
made our choices but this particular one backfired. At this stage
I’m reminded amongst many things that I should show more of my
bias in everything than going for merit. Should we use because

this government has failed and back paddle on our resolve to have
a new Nigeria? Should we give up hopes that Nigeria will ever get
better? Should we continue to complain of the ineffective and
inefficient ways by which the government of the day handles the
affairs of this country? Should we allow this government to keep
taking us as fools by reminding us that even if they’ve failed, they
didn’t score same point as the previous government? Should we
all shy away from teaching this government a lesson that their
10th generation to come would never forget? Should we because
of the little favour we derive from this government fail to stand up
for the protection of our collective goals? The answer to these
questions is a capital NO! We should all remember that at the end,

we the ordinary masses are at the receiving end of all these, hence
we need to act decisive. Few months back Adeshina Peter
Oluwaseun inquired to know my stand on 2019, knowing clearly
that PDP doesn’t look like a better option and APC will not
surprise us with a new candidate except PMB. I’ve done a little
follow up on what we discussed especially pertaining 2019, and
I’m here to state categorically that a 3rd Force as suggested by
OBJ can’t win 2019 election even if it holds promises of taking us
to the unattainable promise land. My reason is simply because the
6 geopolitical zones are not yet ready for a 3rdForce to take over
and more importantly, the timing of the 3rd force is too short to

effect a change. So while waiting for a 3rdForce to come give us
the Nigeria of our dream, we need a John the baptist to prepare a
way for us or a Moses to take us out of this bondage. We know a
Moses or JTB won’t give us paradise but leaving this suffering is
more important because we need to be alive to be able to see the
paradise. Hence any party that has a well established structure to
do this with a viable candidate should be supported by us all.

Do you support calls for President Buhari resignation?
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  1. PMB might really have good plan for Nigerian but it’s the cabal of a thing hindering this good plans of his.

  2. Hmmm

  3. Ok

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