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My take on rivers state governor

He is the best, maybe in road construction.
Why he choose to construct road instead of,paying workers and pensioners?
What is the economic policy put in place by governor Wike to develop the state economy?
Apart from road construction do you notice any significant development in other areas?
Why did the governor waited till the killing of Don wanny before he declared others wanted?
What has Wike done to provide employment to unemployed youth in Rivers State?
I know you will say is not the job of the government to create employment but they are to create enable environment. Environment is made up of physical, human, psychological etc.
Psychologically, unemployment have forced our youth into thugs, militants drug addiction , kidnapping and every other thing that will make the enabling environment possible.
WIKE IS PROJECT CENTRED NOT HUMAN CENTRED. Unpaid pensioners, workers, unemployed youth can go to hell, Wike is called MR PROJECT or mr cement,graves,sand and water _Mr concrete. He does care about human being at all. He respects concrete than human being. HE IS AN IDOL WORSHIPPER _ HE DOESN’T WORSHIP GOD. “Ye are god ” MAN IS GOD (image).
He should worship God by being people centred or worship idol by being project centred.

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  1. So we should eat roads abi

  2. ok

  3. Ok

  4. choices

  5. Funny thing

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