My thought on Gowon as he celebrate his birthday-Ifeanyi Baron Okugbo

Today is the 84th birthday of Ex head of state, Yakubu Gowon.
I want to use this medium to tell Gowon that the he was a tool of
bloodshed and invasion by the Fulani caliphate.
Sir, you are the reason for the bloodshed in Benue, Taraba,
Adamawa, Plateau, Edo, Delta, Ekiti, Kaduna, Ondo and all other
part of Nigeria where Fulani are killing Nigerians today while Buhari
and all the security chiefs look away.
Sir, you are the reason over 5 million of your middle belt people are
refugees scattered in IDP CAMPS in their own country today.
Sir, you are the reason for the Death of over 2 million souls in the
old South Eastern region, when you obeyed the caliphate order to
refuse the Aburi agreement. Today your own innocent people are
facing same faith as the Igbos you slaughtered then.
If not for you sir, Oduduwa, Biafra, Niger Delta would all have
become great nations today without Fulani oppression and
invasion. Their resources wouldn’t have been hijacked by the
caliphate today.
Sir, I know your heart is filled with regrets and sorrows, and you
are always praying to God for forgiveness for the millions of souls
that perished under your watch, and for the pains your action then
is causing your middle belt people today.
The only way you can have peace is to come out as an old man to
speak and ask for forgiveness. I pray the almighty God forgive you
too for your sin against humanity

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