My thought on Nnamdi Kanu-Malam Daura

It is really a funny and sad thing. Nnamdi Kanu has a chicken
brain, otherwise how can he transmit this kind of thought and
information to Nigerians who are intelligent , brilliant and exposed
to life. The president cannot just die and information about him
would be kept secret for more than a year, looking at the inquisitive
nature of Nigerians. In fact, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was
reported dead before his natural death. Even President Buhari was
last year reported to have died until when a video showed him and
his family live before Nigerians believed that he was alive. And
everyone saw how he was received from medical trip and how he
resumed work up to this year when he decided to visit his doctor in
London after he returned from China. He was physically healthy at
the time he left Nigeria. There is no any abracadabra that you can
do to hide the death of Mr. President. Kanu made the absurd
statement after he drank to excess, or was afflicted with all sorts
of frustrations. This Kanu is a rebel and enemy of the law of
Nigeria who is condemned by his own people. As a blood relation
of Buhari, we are telling Kanu that he is a blunt and shameless liar.
Anybody in Nigeria that knows Buhari 20 years ago, and sees him
now , knows he is the same man with the same height, colour and
all characteristics.
To prove Kanu wrong and that he is a shameless liar; the family
held meetings with Mr President twice this year precisely during
Eid el- Kabir Sallah celebrations in August this year. We chatted,
discussed and he recounted past and other memorable events in
the family that involved each and every one of us. The question to
ask is when did this Jibril learn everything in the family that could
make him to be our Muhammadu Buhari. I think Kanu should know
that we are not illiterates, nor barbarians that he can make these
kinds of silly statements to. Let him fool his fools, certainly not
Buhari’s relations or Nigerians. The only thing that changed in Mr.
President is his physical structure, and this is because he is
ageing. Apart from that, there is nothing missing or part of his
structure or attitude that has changed. He is the same Buhari we
knew long time ago. So, he is just talking nonsense.
Don’t you think that Kanu’s allegations will make a serious impact
on Buhari’s campaign for 2019 elections?
Answer from Daura:
No, not at all; I told you that the statement was nonsensical and
foolish; that is why only few cynics of Buhari’s administration pay
attention to it. Buhari has recently overcome many character
assassinations like the one by Kanu. There was a sickness saga,
later WAEC certificate. We have tolerated this Kanu a lot, he has
insulted our country, we kept mute; he has insulted our culture ,
still we kept quiet and now he is insulting our patriotic leaders and
we will not keep silent again. It is only in Nigeria you will find this
rubbish happening and citizens will not take any action because of
the acclaimed – democratic rule. I think breaching the rights of
other citizens in a country like Nigeria is unconstitutional and
undemocratic. As such, Nnamdi Kanu must be brought and
punished accordingly.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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