My view ahead of Kaduna State election, Elrufai to win or not?

The 22,000 teachers and their estimated 5 family members each
aside extended relatives will not vote elrufai.
The approximately 50,000 shiites that were suppressed by elrufai
will not vote him.
Traditional institutions in the state that were unjustifiable dissolved
by elrufai will not vote him.
Civil servants/bread winners that were sacked without benefits by
elrufai will not vote him.
Newly recruited teachers that are to date not paid haven worked
for 4months and counting will not vote elrufai.
Pensioners/retirees along with several families of deceased state
government workers that have over the years been denied of their
entitlements will not vote elrufai.
Corpers in Kaduna who elrufai has been siphoning their N5, 000
monthly allowance as approved and paid by previous government
(s) will not vote for elrufai.
Kaduna state students whose scholarship allowance have over the
years been denied by elrufai will not vote him.
Hunkuyi and his thousands of followers will not only refuse to vote
elrufai but work against his candidature.
Similarly, Ashiru who narrowly lost to elrufai at the last APC
gubernatorial primaries and his thousands of supporters will not
only refuse to vote elrufai but work towards his failure at the polls.
Shehu Sani and supporters even though in the same political party
with elrufai will not vote him because of their long irreconcilable
conflicting political interests.
Other notable defectors ranging from elder statesmen to
legislators and politicians across the state, LGs and wards levels
together with their families and supporters will not vote elrufai.
More than 90% of youth groups that were denied their rights
amidst high unemployment for their teeming members will not vote
Activists, journalists who were incarcerated and made political
prisoners together with their families will not vote elrufai.
Southern Kaduna senatorial district in its entirety will not vote
elrufai for sponsoring herdsmen to kill them in thousands.
CAN, Kaduna state chapter together with her estimated 50%
population of the entire state that were abused and disrespected by
the bigoted governor elrufai will not vote him.
PDP who is the main opposition and party to beat in 2019 together
with her increasing members and their families will not vote elrufai
for lack of good, accountable leadership.
My family, siblings, relatives and friends will not vote elrufai for
being the worst governor of the state.
Who then is left to vote the accidental governor aside Uba Sani and
the boys?

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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