My views on APC and Rivers State – Dumo Lulu Briggs

In a friendly converge involving Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs and young
people from across the LGAs in Rivers State, inspiring charges,
pledges and hope reawakening promises were made.
The young Riverians said “we are satisfied with your records; truly
you have shown capacity. You have shown that you can stand in
the front line and bring us victory. You haven’t started a campaign,
yet your name rings all over. We noticed how young people have
selflessly flooded the virtual space with your gospel and images.
We have also seen how groups involving women and men have
redesigned their logos with the DLB brand. We have seen how rural
dwellers compose heroic music with your name and chant through
the streets. We have noticed how jittery the opponents have
become due to your force and majesty. We know that there are
other great men in the party who eyes the office, but arising from
the fact that you have proven to be very strong, experienced and
very ready, we have more confidence in you; because the 2019
victory is non negotiable. They have destroyed all that Amaechi
gave us, and they steal our money with impunity, we can’t let it
continue. Please Dumo, run!
Reacting, DLB said, “Yes, I remember when a certain man bravely
stood against the business as usual syndrome and proved that a
greater Rivers State is possible if prudence takes the place of
embezzlement, and if Rivers money is for once used for Rivers
people. I remember the famous maxim “Rivers of Possibilities”, its
wavelength was pervading, it wasn’t just a statement but a spirit
filled command that birthed a change we can see.”
“Indeed, the world-class achievements of Chibuike Amaechi was
intimidating; it reinforced envy and hatred, but resilience and faith
made Chibuike victorious. Sadly, the Rivers of Possibilities was
truncated by politics of lies and confusions. But I have sworn
eternal fidelity to the just causes; to give my all in support of the
great party with the Change Mantra, to stand by and unite with all
men whose resolve is to redeem our dear State and to drive the
process leading to the return of our days of glory.”
“It is one God, one state, one party and one leader; God almighty,
Rivers State, APC and Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. I believe
that as we faithfully reverence the Almighty God, keep our Rivers
dream alive, follow APC with loyalty and believe in our leader
Chibuike Amaechi; a man who made great sacrifices for Rivers
State, Several victories we shall have.” He concluded.

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