I met my wife around 2015 and we dated for almost a year and
attended all the necessary church and family teachings.She told
me she was a single mother, and all the men that dated her before
I came to her left her because of that,I promise I won’t leave her
for having a baby outside wedlock.The relationship keep on
growing and I told her about my AS genotype and I made it clear to
her that nothing will make me marry AS lady because of sicklecell
children palavar.
she told me that she is genotype AA. We continue our relationship
did introduction andfixed our wedding date, now a month and two
weeks to our wedding we went for mandatory test in our church
clinic behold she failed the genotype test it was AS, right there I
told her I no dey do again, she rejected the result and claimed
vehemently that she is AA. second day we did confirmatory test it
was still the same thing.
Her parents called me and told me both of them were AA and there
is no way their daughter can be AS gene. they later brought some
previous test (fake) of her AA stuff. I was bullied by every one
around to go ahead since it was just few weeks to the wedding that
it was manipulations, though my spirit was not willing again but I
was compelled by all to go ahead that the thing has change back
to AA she also said so that it has changed back to original AA. We
go ahead and marry sha.
She took in immediately after nine month she gave birth to a baby
boy which I named Ikechukwu though we are both Yoruba’s but I
love Igbo people so much because I grew up with many of them.
After some months after birth, Ikechukwu begin some strange
sickness we begin to take the boy in and outside hospitals,
spending the little income I was getting I decided to do Genotype
test for d boy my wife resist it but I went ahead behold it was SS
(sickle cell).
immediately I show her the result she went on her knees begging
me, I called her father and informed him about it he invites me to
his place and he too was begging me that he was also AS and not
AA as he claimed before; now every is begging me again that I
should not break my marriage that is based on deception, I have
done everything that will make her leave my house except violent
she refused to go. Every one is bullying me and begging me again,
now non of them have supported me in any way for the boy
expensive treatment.
IK is now a year old, am not willing to have another child with her

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