My wife my slave

I think it’s high time we face this issue of obsession we call love!
You, treating a lady like you own her, like your slave, like a charity
case is not love! How will you beat someone you claim to love?
Tell me why you would stalk the person you claim to love like hell?
Why will you keep monitoring her every move like a thief? Why will
you shut her off life and make her see just your relationship with
her like the only thing to live for? Why will you chase friends and
families off her? You see her out of school, so? You made her who
she is, and so? You see to the wellbeing of her family, and so
what! Is that why she cannot live and love in peace? Oh yes! She
had an horrible past, right? It was her past and you’re now her
present! Don’t you have a past too? If you have any trust issue due
to the kind of home you come from or due to your previous
relationships, then fix it and stop making an innocent soul suffer
your past! Ohh, you were abused as a child, is that enough reason
not to treat her right? Seek help and when you are certified fit to be
in a relationship, psychologically, then, come and love her the right
way. Stop making her feel like loving someone or being in love is a
crime or a burden!
Sister, you deserved to be loved and cared for, you deserve to be
respected! You deserve to be happy! Are you not tired of living like
someone’s slave? If you feel abused in your relationship, biko,
leave! Yes, he’s the one footing the bills, he’s the one supporting
your family but what about you? Do you enjoy the bite and blow
life you’re living? When last did you sleep in peace without fear of
being beaten or locked up or restrained from seeing your friends
and family? Ohh, if you leave your family will suffer, right? Then,
tell me, how did your family survived before meeting him? If you
die, won’t your family continue living? Won’t they survive? Will they
all die and be buried with you?
See, you can become great! You can achieve a lot more outside
that abusive home or horrible relationship only if you choose to
survive by leaving that your colonial master of a husband or
fiance! A man that is jealous of your achievement, a man that
stops you from working so that another man cannot catch a
glimpse of you, a man that when you are with you’re never perfect,
you go shopping and a man looked at you and then you are in for
a serious beating when you gets home! That man with security
issue will one day kill you if you continue with that relationship.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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