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Sitting in the doctor’s office, Anna blurted out the words she’ll later
regret, but not for long.
“I have a spirit husband!”
Anna had a problem she could not open up to anyone about. She
avoided outings that involved her sleeping in the same room as
anyone else. It was the reason for her last break up, the ‘spirit
One day, Jane came visiting. The girls played a lot together when
they were younger, she was her second cousin once removed.
Anna had to share a room with Jane. It was okay because her
spirit husband hasn’t ‘visited’ in a while.
Of all the days, he decided to show up today. It was 1:55am when
Anna woke Jane with her moans, it was weird, so weird that Jane
switched on the lights and screamed at her.
“You were having sex in your dream Anna” Jane said with a
perplexed look on her face.
Anna was so embarrassed, she wished the earth will swallow her.
It was why she’d rather have a room to herself.
“I am so sorry Jane, but my parents must not know this, I beg of
“How long have you been like this” Jane asked
“A while, but it has become more frequent over the past year.”
Jane succeeded in convincing Anna to come to her church for
deliverance; where the pastor insisted she must sleep in the
“The right time to fight this demon is at night when ‘it’ arrived.” He
She agreed, a date was set.
That night as she laid in a sleep-and-die mattress in a mosquito
infested church, her ‘spirit husband showed up.’
Anna was woken by resounding slaps. The pastor as well as some
brethren spoke in unknown tongues, as they landed her heavy
They brought out whips and whopped her inner thighs – because
that was where the ‘spirit husband’ was at the exact time.
She screamed and wailed to the pastor’s whips lashing her and
him commanding every spirit husband to release her and let her
“Your spirit husband is the reason you are still unmarried Anna, we
have to whip him out. Your body is the temple of the Lord, the
Devil has no place here.” He had earlier told her.
The pastor reminded her how Jesus whipped the money changers
out of the temple because they desecrated it.
It was day three of the prayer and fasting and Anna could not feel
her lower extremities. They had been lashed, wounded and
bloodied but still, the pastor said she had to remain in the church
until they feel in their spirits, that the ‘man’ is gone forever.
The injuries started to form abscesses… and they oozed out pus…
and they smelled… and she could not walk.
When she couldn’t take it anymore, she escaped the church and
went to a clinic.
She met Dr Rasheed, a young man who was very welcoming and
seemed ready to listen.
He insisted on knowing the causes of her wounds.
“I have a spirit husband”
“I am sorry what?”
Dr Rasheed listened carefully as she narrated her ordeal to him.
“I know you can’t help me but my injuries are as a result of the
‘deliverance’ from the spirit husband.”
“I need you to listen to me carefully Anna” Dr Rasheed said
“You don’t have a spirit husband. As far as my profession is
concerned, there is a perfect explanation to it.”
“Would you like sugar?” He asked as he handed her a cup of coffee
he made her.
“Yes please” she replied, eager to hear his explanation.
“Sleep is in phases. Alternating between two periods: Rapid Eye
Movement phase (REM) and non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM).
The deepest comes around the hours of 1am -3am at the rapid eye
movement phase (REM). During this period, blood flow is
increased to the brain and other body parts of the body for
maximum relaxation. The other parts may include the genitals.
Have you heard of ‘wet dreams’ among adolescent boys?”
She nods.
He continues….
“It is the same thing. Quite uncommon among women as opposed
to men but not completely absent. Correct me if I am wrong but
this mostly happens when you abstain from sex for so long?”
She nods….
“You see, consider it a gift from the universe for your maximum
relaxation. Don’t get yourself worked up, you have no spirit
husband. Research proves about 40% of women experience it at
least once in their lifetime, some more often than others, this was
as far back as 1953. A 1986 research also shows that about 85%
women have experienced it before they are 21 years of age.”
“Drink your coffee.”
She takes a sip and sighe

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