NAIRALOVERS NEW POST AND ARTICLES RULES AND REGULATIONS/TERMS OF SERVICE is a users blogging content management, where users who love writing and are passionate in writing submit and publish their original content and write-ups to get to readers world wide. The most vital aspect of is that you will be paid for submitting your write-ups and content online, which is a good thing because you are paid for what you love doing.

In order to get your post and writeups published on Nairalovers, first of all you need to observe certain rules and regulations of posting.


1. Your post or write ups must be well written without grammatical error. Most writeups and post are rejected for wrong use of English. You need to edit your writeup effectively to pass this stage. Remember make sure you compose the writeup and not copied from others. That is what Nairalovers called original content. Secondly, your write up or post must not be less than 250 words, post with less than 250 words are most time not recommended except on post that stands out.

2. Your writeup should be on every other field, You can write on other interesting areas like stories, relationship, facts, true life happenings, fiction, thought, beliefs, countries, scholarship, education, etc.

3. Do not copy content or writeups from another website, Nairalovers will not be held responsible for any copied content from other website. Every user is responsible for what he or she posted on Nairalovers, this is part of our privacy policy which you accepted before registering on this site. This website is only for users to publish their original writeups and content.

4. Your post or writeups must have a feature image. A feature image is the image that display at the top of your writeup when it is approved. Note that your feature image must not be less than 500 px width and less than 300 px height. What this means is that the image you want to use as your feature image, it should be over 500 pixel in length and over 300 pixel in height.

Are you ready to compose your post/writeup click on the PUBLISH button at the top right hand of the website or simply click here


Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  1. How much do we get paid per post?

  2. 100 naira sir

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