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Names of married men to be published in Tanzania in a bid to curb cheating and heartbreak

In a bid to curb heartbreaks and cheating, the Tanzania authority are planning to power all married men to register their marital statuses with the area’s database company.

This was made identified by Dar es Salaam regional commissioner, Paul Makonda, on Monday, August 12 as a result of of the excessive charge of complains from single women. “Men have been promising to marry them, then later, they ditch the women and that is one thing that’s humiliating.

“These crafty men have left many ladies nursing heartbreaks and emotional bruises. You’ll discover a younger man efficiently wooing a lady, making her go away each different factor that she does, hoping that the person will marry her, not understanding that he’s, certainly, conning her.

“If you look at the laws that we have in the country, there is a clause that protects women, who were promised marriages, only to be used and dumped. We want to use that clause to bring sanity in relationships,” the regional commissioner mentioned.

The proposal if adopted, would require all married folks to register their marital statuses with the area’s database company. The info will reportedly be accessed by residents of the nation. “I can not say I’m a chief, when the folks I take care of are hurting. One of the concepts that we now have is to have all of the married folks register their marital statuses with the area’s database company. This will assist younger ladies promised marriages.

It would be simple for them to entry the database and discover out whether or not the men who’ve promised to marry them are folks’s husbands or not. In that database, all of the marriages, together with Christian, customary, Muslim, these filed on the registrar of marriages, will be registered. “We need to scale back the circumstances of men conning ladies in the identify of love and marriages.

We are planning to meet the State company in cost of the residents’ database. Once that assembly is completed, you, who lied to a lady that you’ll marry her, however ended up utilizing and dumping her, be ready, we’re coming for you” he mentioned.

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