National Assembly have no bad desire ahead of presidential election – Saraki

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has flayed the presidency for the
“negative impressions being created against the National
Assembly” on the notion that the house is deliberating delaying
approval for President Muhammadu Buharis virement request for
the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the 2019
He stated this while fielding questions at the ‘World Press
Conference’ held on Wednesday, following the invasion of the
National Assembly by operatives of the Department for State
Services (DSS) on Tuesday.
Noting that members going on recess was not an indication of
shutting down government, he implied that the Federal Government
deliberately delayed presenting the INEC budget to the house, and
was not in a position to accuse the National Assembly of wanting
to compromise 2018 elections.
According to him, the executive arm of government was well aware
that there would be an election in 2019 and the details should have
been included in the 2018 budget.
He, however, said that even if the INEC budget could not be
included in the 2018 national budget, the Federal Government had
six months within which it could have presented the document to
the house, rather than delay it till the last minute when the house
was going on recess.
Saraki said: “I don’t understand how when we go on our recess,
there would be a government shutdown. On the day after we
adjourned, we realised that the electoral bill had not been passed
and we decided to wait, sit and pass the electoral bill. That was the
only issue that was pending.
“On the issue of the request by INEC, it is amazing that nobody is
asking if it was the day we were leaving that INEC wrote that they
had a budget. January, February, March, April, May, June, nothing
came from the executive to say ‘we need money for INEC,’ until
July, when we were leaving. Be that as it may, we are ready to
support the executive at all times.
“And I will let something out. Since we have gone on recess, the
Speaker and I have met with the chairman of INEC to tell us his
issues and this conversation has been going on. We have not even
committed it to a committee. It just came as a letter read on the
floor. It still has to go to a committee. That was the plan we had
yesterday, but the condition was not conducive for us to hold the
“Even now, I, the speaker and the house leadership, have already
sent for the INEC Chairman to come, so that the meeting earlier
scheduled for yesterday can hold. And if after discussing with him,
there is need for us to reconvene for sending to a committee, we
will do that.
“We want a free and credible election. What we don’t like is when
the wrong message is passed around. For us, you’re talking about
from July till now. The executive, from last year, knew there was
going to be a budget. Why wasn’t it included in the 2018 budget?
And after the 2018 budget, you had December, January, February,
March, April, May and June and it was not sent. So, to say today
that it is the National Assembly that does not want election is not
true. I want to reassure you on that.


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