Apple Cider Vinegar and Black Strap Molasses.
This is a natural remedy for shrinking fibroids and works well if
taken properly.
This remedy should be one of ur first choice of shrinking fibroid
because fibroid grows in an acidic environment. If you have
fibroid, your belly PH level will be acidic which is definitely is not
what you want.
Apple Cider Vinegar and Black Strap Molasses boost your PH level
and make the body alkaline (opposite to acidic). In an alkaline
environment, the fibroids begins to shrink immediately.
As a side benefit, the ACV helps with brown fat metabolism. So if
you are overweight or needs to lose weight, this will also help u.
While the BSM is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, boron, B6,
selenium which are all vital nutrients for woman’s health. BSM
also helps to regularize menses
So here’s what you do:
Purchase Organic Apple Cider Vinegar containing with ‘Mother’.
Make sure what you buy contains the ‘Mother’. Then purchase
some Organic Black Strap Molasses. This must be an organic and
unsulphured BSM.
Method of using it.
Mix a tablespoon of ACV and a tablespoon of BSM in a glass of
warm water. It needs to be warm enough to dissolve the Molasses.
Drink this in an empty stomach first thing in the morning (at least
an hour or more before breakfast) and last thing at night.
Before taking it, u need to do Scan to know the size of your fibroid.
Then u take it for 2 months and see the difference in the size.
Many women have testified in the reduction of the size of their
fibroids after taking this unique mixture.
Important notice,l: avoid eating things that makes it to grow like
Sugary foods, Sugary Drinks, Red meat, Fried food, etc.
Eat more of Fruits, Vegetables, Water more, eat more proteinous
food and Less of carbohydrate.


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