Natural resources extraction remained potent tool for socioeconomic growth if properly harnessed for the benefits of all

Natural resources extraction remained potent tool for
socioeconomic growth if properly harnessed for the benefits of all.
Its negative implications manifest in environmental despoilation
that engender unavoidable aspect of human existence “conflict ” in
divers and complex manner which predisposes societies to
underdevelopment and aggression one of the strongest correlates .
The state play dominant role in the distribution of the surplus
values from production processes ,with a notion that Nigeria is a
plural society with multiplicities ethnic of groups competing for
supremacy. Ogoni people had had more traumatic experiences in
oil exploration exploitation activities of multinational corporations
(shell) in partnership with Nigerian state,and the quest for climate
Justice driven by social movement pushed the celebrated
playwright and environmental crusader Ken Sarowiwa ,in(1990 )to
the forefront of war with the state and Shell,through mass
mobilization of ogoni people for radical environmental change by
mosop that eventually led to the executions of ken sarowiwa, and
other prominent ogonis by the predatory autocracy of Gen Sani
Abacha military regime in Nov 10th (1995). 23 years later, the
ideals of environmental Justice conceptualized in ogoni bill of
Right with major items like political inclusion, economic
independence and even the implementation of environmental
impact assessment conducted by united nation environment
programme (UNEP)report as a response to the agitations and
executions of ogoni Heroes is being treated with levity. The lost
sense of unity among ogoni people resulting from the death of our
amiable leader should strengthen us now because no nation in
Nigeria that have not felt the impact of leadership legitimacy.The
death of chief Obafemi Awolowo affected the unity of Yoruba
people but they regrouped themselves and are visible in Nigeria
today , in the north,Sir Amadu Bello was a great lost but they are
more stronger now, and the Igbo nation that suffered significantly
from the death of Dr Nnamdi Azikewe and Col C.O Ojukwu,
became more adventurous and dominate business community in
Nigeria. Finally, the neo liberal approach to climate Justice by
mosop now made 5 years of agitations of Ken sarowiwa more
fruitful and effective than 23years of struggle without remarkable
achievement .This is so because mosop is swayed by capitalists
inclinations for environmental activism that sees climate justice as
money making venture,when Shell and Nigerian state are business
partners and mosop source for fund for personal aggrandizement
from them ,who is to be blame?.consolidation of power becomes
dominant characteristics of leadership of mosop to detriment of
our struggle. Ogoni people, we need to be one again.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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