NDU protest is sponsored by enemies of the state – Iworiso-Markson

Reacting to the protest, the Commissioner for Information and
Orientation, Mr. Iworiso-Markson has come out to say the
protest is sponsored by the enemies of the state. Instead of
explaining to the women that they had exceeded the age of
retirement and should leave the system as required by the law,
these enemies made it look as if the government was set to punish
the women. The commissioner further said the women should
pave way for graduates to take over.
It is really sad first of all to say the protest is being sponsored by
enemy of the state. That’s really cheap and petty of the
commissioner. It’s shameful. When we see a protest we will know
if its sponsored or not. This protest has gone diabolical with
priests on the streets making incantations against the government.
This protest is not sponsored it is clearly a protest by people
whose livelihood has been taken away from them and as such are
doing the needful. The only enemy of the state is the government
In the university system in Nigeria, some of the menial jobs such
as cleaning and gardening are done by elderly men and women
between the ages of 40-50 who are still very strong. After all,
some academic staffs in the university who are over 70 years are
still in the university teaching, some have not be retired while
others are on contracts.
These women that the commissioner is saying should pave way
for graduates are not too old to do these menial jobs. In fact it is a
way to keep them strong and active. So many women between that
age are in the rural areas farming and fishing to take care of their
families. These women should not be an exception because they
are also working for their families.
The commissioner should stop the assertion that the women
should pave way for graduates. No graduate in Nigeria would
‘ever’ want to do the jobs that these women are doing in the
university. The women that sweeps the streets in major cities like
yenagoa, port harcourt, Lagos, Abuja are women between that
ages you see them very early in the morning doing their jobs
The reason the government is sacking workers is purely corruption,
ineptitude and lack of ideas to create job opportunities for our
I am suggesting the government should engage these women in
some other capacities like street sweeping, farming and fishing.
These woman should not be allowed to be idle. It is only
wickedness that can allow this things to open. If the payroll
system is overloaded these women should be compensated and
given grants to start a business to take care of their families. I
strongly condemn the words of the honorable commissioner.


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