Need a true love, see the 12 features of true love

We all have different definitions of what true love is. Some people
find it in fairytales, some in Shakespearean sonnets; others believe
it is merely a phase and true love doesn’t exist in the real world.
The truth is true love is an extension of our own true nature. What
we are, we attract.
Even in relationships, we attract people who are reflections and
extensions of our true selves. Therefore, in order to attract true
love, we must exhibit the qualities we seek in our partners. Here’s
what true love feels like:
1. Effortless and Eternal Attraction
When we are truly in love with someone, we discover moments of
love and affection in the most normal of situations. We never have
to “try” to spice things up. Everything seems fun and effortless just
the way it is.
We never have to try to go out of our way to please the person.
Love exists in the simplest things we do together. There is no need
to convince or force anything on each other.
2. Mutual Respect
Respect for each other is the most important factor to sustain true
love. It comes from giving each other enough space for personal
growth and never crossing the line, no matter what.
3. Acceptance
When we are in true love, we naturally accept the person for his or
her positives, as well as for negatives. It opens up our
perspectives, and we see and learn things we wouldn’t have
otherwise experienced.
True love changes us and how we think. It harmonizes all
differences. There is no judgment, and we become open to
receiving and accepting love, exactly the way it is.
4. Selflessness
We experience true love only when we have something to give. To
receive love, we must give love. It’s not about fulfilling our own
selfish desires, but about working on a common goal. It’s about
being selfless and caring about our partner’s needs as much as
caring about our own.
5. Trust
Needless to say, trust is the most basic foundation of true love.
While it is crucial to trust the person with whom we are in love, it is
equally important to trust ourselves. True love makes us feel
vulnerable without being fearful or defensive.
Loyalty in relationships not only brings emotional stability, but also
increases intimacy levels. When two people live with love and
unity, there is no fear of getting hurt. In unity, love grows and
strengthens with time.
6. Healing
Love heals and ousts fear. It makes us feel safe and protected. We
feel at peace and we feel at home with our loved ones, wherever
we are. True love never hurts because there is no ego involved.
True love only heals pain from the past and gives us the strength
to love again.
7. Growth
True love always favors personal and spiritual growth. It’s a
natural process that is essential for our happiness and freedom.
Everything needs to grow to survive: plants, animals and all living
cells on this planet.
True love promotes natural growth that not only fills life with
happiness and freedom, but also helps with professional success.
True love is playful and grows together without resistance or fear.
8. Companionship
As human beings, we seek companionship from other human
beings. When it comes to love, we look for someone who will be by
our side through thick and thin, through our entire lives. We need
someone with whom we can experience the wonders of life.
Someone with whom we can travel, share our secrets, discuss
world events, fool around and grow old. True love means paying
attention to the one you love. True love is there to celebrate in
good times and to cry in bad times.
9. Communication
Many people say that they struggle to express their feelings to their
loved ones; the only thing that stops them is their egos. Ego is not
necessarily arrogance, but also a lack of trust in yourself and how
you feel. When words have meaning and are said with a good
intentions, it’s never difficult to let them out.
Making yourself understood and understanding your partner is the
foundation of true love. When we speak our hearts and are open
and truthful about our feelings, it shows courage and generosity. A
true love will always recognize that and respect you for letting him
or her inside your secret, sacred space.
10. Teamwork
True love is teamwork. Knowing when to step up and take control
and when to back off and trust your partner to take over is
teamwork. When two people are together in love, they combine
their strengths and work like a team.
They know when to shut up and when to say the things that need
to be said. Together, they create something so special that it is
unique and indestructible. They share a common life objective and
work together to achieve their goals.
11. Fearlessness
Where there is true love, there is no fear: fear of commitment, fear
of making mistakes or fear of hurting someone. Fear makes love
hopeless and complicated. When we are in true love, we know
what to do.
12. Sacred
True love is sacred. It removes ego, brings joy and brings us
closer to our real selves. True love frees us of fear and
attachment. True love is freedom. True love is forgiveness. When
we are in true love, we are closer to God.
We find true love by being ourselves. It comes to us when we least
expect it. We will never find love or happiness by chasing after
anyone. It comes when we are comfortable in our own skin and
grateful for who we are. True love is attracted to us when we
believe that we are truly attractive.

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