It is amazing where we find ourselves today as a nation. I am
directing this statement to those highly polished elitist civil society
persons and organisations, those who seem to be sucessful and
have attained some level of comfort in the civil society arena.
Those who because we have a laidback media that is lackadaisical
in carrying out their duties and do little or no research have lied
repeatedly about who they really are and what they stand for.
Those who have sold out and are totally bereft of integrity but still
manage to sell the lie that they have been selling as a result of their
“perceived” success in their chosen fields.
Today we find these people mentioned above having summits,
different summits on how to make our society better but the truth
about it is that these people probably understand this and at the
same time ignore it or lack the understanding. Enough of these
summits that entail gathering in Abuja, gathering in Lagos,
converging in beautiful venues with picturesque surroundings to
discuss our problems and the way forward. Over 75% of our
population in the rural areas are uneducated and uninformed, the
resources we pull to organise these summits we might as well
channel towards educating the rural dwellers in a bid to create a
reorientation, to educate them on the need to join in building a
great nation, they need to understand that they are part and parcel
of this country and their voices need to be heard as well, they need
to understand that they do not live in isolation and the decision
they make there in their various villages and communities affects
us all as a people in the long run. It is imperative that we enlighten
them on the need for them to be a part of this battle that we fight
to do away with these set of people that government and
governance to them is all about their comfort and that of their
families. But the truth about it is that these polished civil society
individuals who l mentioned earlier are not interested in our rural
communities, all they do, all they showcase and all they are about
is personal recognition and promotion from the same people they
seem to be fighting openly whereas behind they wine and dine
together, behind they work for these people secretly.
There are those who are truly involved in matters of the people and
genuinely care in the civil society arena and activism in our
country, there are also those who are indeed sacrificing and giving
their all to this cause but like l said earlier on a society where we
shy away from the truth and would rather prefer to embrace lies
and falsehood. A society where our media is blinded and cannot
take the trouble to research and carry out due diligence, a society
where lies triumph over truth, a society whereby sincerity is now
overrated and ingenuity is the new order; people like this will
always be celebrated but the truth about it is that their gimmicks,
their games, their pretence hidden behind saintly faces will be
exposed and until then we will keep being in this circle of failure we
find ourselves in until we begin to see the need to celebrate true
integrity, until we see the need to laud true honesty, until we begin
to celebrate heroes who have given their all and continue to give
their all to the cause of nation building and not those who have
found comfort in that which they can acquire for themselves and
the wealth which they have accumulated for themselves even
though they seem to know how to explain themselves and their ill
gotten wealth.
Until we learn to celebrate the genuine from the fake, only until
then but for now let us not relent in speaking up against
charlatans, we will keep fighting.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  1. Nice,it’s about time we start calling them out

  2. Ok

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