Nigeria is finish under Buhari

With Buhari’s third and final rejection of the Electoral Act
Amendment, we can now all forget about the 2019 election.
It will be almost impossible for NASS to veto him considering the
division in the two houses.
The electoral Act amendment was supposed to be an executive bill.
If INEC has no objections to the Bill, then Buhari has no right to
reject the Bill.
If Buhari is interested in a credible election, he would have worked
with INEC & NASS to ensure that a perfect bill is resent for easy
consent. He chose to ambush them. Again and again.
If INEC is a truly independent commission, they would release a
statement expressing their disappointment in the President’s
recent decision.
We cannot go into another election without legalizing the card
readers, without criminalizing the use of incidence forms, without
legalizing the electronic transmission of results. These are
imperative reforms.
If the proposed electoral Act amendment contains some
contradictions and ambiguity, the Supreme Court is there to
correct it. After all, many of our previous laws and even our
constitution contains contradictions and ambiguity too!
NASS has shown more maturity by removing the reordering clause
and other issues Buhari cited in PMB’s previous rejection.
PMB is just a sophist. I am losing hope in this contraption.
The 2019 election cannot have credibility without those reforms in
the electoral amendment bill.
He rejected the APC Committee Report on True Federalism, he
rejected the restructuring of the oil & gas industry through PIGB, he
has rejected reforms in the electoral process.
Yet people cannot see through his real conservative feudal
unitarist intentions.
Nigeria is finished under Buhari.

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