Residing in Nigeria of our modern time is like being engaged in a struggle. A lot of our pals, neighbours and colleagues are departing or departed; they’re going or gone and people of us who dwell and survive dwell and survive within the firm of the “lifeless and the dying as on a battle area.” No matter our standing, place, occupation or angle that is our current actuality.

At instances you even surprise and wander in your thoughts if ours will not be changing into a very morbifically morbid society. What has introduced us to this distinctive state of tragic reality is traceable to the working area of our political miners. Of their endeavour to fortify their greed and egotism they’ve systematically turned our ethical panorama into scenes of worthless values. Clearly, in every single place about us right this moment we see reviews, evidences and scenes of primitive dicing with demise which have borne in on us how shut we’re to the panorama of disastrous medieval values.

Anybody studying our nation respectively as a e-book yesterday and as a brand new work of right this moment would see with out qualms that ours now will not be a rustic/authorities of “tradition of legislation’s rule” however of earthlings of irrational propensities and bents. As a authorized pundit and theorist Paul W. Kahn famously acknowledged, “The looks of motive is a vital situation, not less than for a contemporary society.” Earlier, he had exhortatively averred that “legislation seems as a authentic supply of authority; it couldn’t achieve this if it appeared irrational or ignorant.” Frequent sense and authorized order can not however delight at this thought.

As an artist I seize on this thought within the endeavour consciously to carry it into relation with the present aware values of our youths who negatively have been influenced by the attribute tendencies and attitudes of the ruling Lords of the Nigerian manor. I shall right here sketch out my observations experientially. However my effort shall not be devoid of newspaper reviews and tales that give flesh and blood to it.

As I write this my remembrance prospers with a number of names of our heroes previous vital members of my era noticed as Nigerians of decorum and worth: Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Micheal Okpara, Festus Okotie -Eboh, Dennis Osadebay, Jereton Mariere, Oba Akenzua, Anthony Enahoro, Alfred Rewane, Samuel Akintola, Humphrey Omo-Osagie, Michael Ibru, James Thomas Awadagin,Oritsejolomi Thomas,Majekodunmi, Rotimi Williams, AsifoEgbe, Webber Egbe, Fred Egbe, Rufus Ogbobine, Godwin Boyo, Mukoro Mowoe, McNeil Ejaife, Ogbemi Rewane, Madam Ojojo, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Cyprian Ekwensi, J.P. Clark, and several other others the act of remembering can not instantly honour, occupied ample areas in our youngish imaginations. They had been canonical gems of human beings whose respective tales/exploits teased our niminy-piminy imaginations no finish.

At school we learn and browse until studying ceased to be a mere pleasure within the effort to imbibe their virtues and even observe their yearnings – if we may. They gave constructive values to our mimicries even at our impressionable ages and years. I bear in mind a number of of our dad and mom/guardians/academics telling us to observe the crushed and unbeaten paths of schooling if we desired to observe any of the yearnings of the cited greats of our imaginations. Many a mum or dad/guardian/instructor within the Sapele/Warri areas within the Niger Delta of my childhood and boyhood may inform us urchins suave tales about many of those historic figures; suave tales that had been always at work educating us on the spirit of our age/era and expectation of its basic values which contained the spirits of our ancestors. It doesn’t matter what we did we should select the aware path of honour and decency.

The picture our dad and mom, academics and political leaders then provided us was the picture that enabled us to know and respect the rational life that made it doable for us to at all times eager to hint our steps again to the densest springs of life. Ours was by no means a honour-less, decency-less, principle-less, moral-less, murderous era. Ours was a era, an age, an epoch that conjured up the varied types of happiness and psychic parts that had been ready to interrogate themselves and play their roles in our life and within the lifetime of the Nigerian collective.

Certainly, the constructive collective unconscious of our epochal half is not any extra. Right this moment is the era, the age, the epoch of the yahoo boys who need to “hammer” it doesn’t matter what. The values they know and espouse are the values of the politicians and leaders of the second which has its origin in just a little greater than fifteen years again. The voice the yahoo boys hear and obey is the voice of the satan. Because of this Miss Elozino Ogege, a yr three pupil of Mass Communication of Delta State College, Abraka, as an example, whereas nonetheless alive, had her eyes tugged at, her breasts sliced off, her coronary heart and vagina scooped and dredged out of her by stony-hearted yahoo slicers. Miss Elozino Ogege died hideously within the palms of her hideous murderers.

What her Isoko, Delta State dad and mom and relations are going by means of now could be one thing I might love sometime to precise in a severe hexastich, however what does it matter? What wouldn’t it matter? The younger woman’s painful demise – and the way of it – might not be mentioned to be a morbid one if handled or seen as an remoted case. However the truth that ritual deaths comparable to hers are frequent occurrences in our modern time underscores their morbidity and their disturbing manifestations as signs of illness of our nation that’s being misgoverned and mismanaged by meaningless and grasping folks.

Each typical angle of those grasping and meaningless pilots of our common-wealth is mirrored within the angle of the yahoo boys lots of whom, if we correctly and rationally examine the matter, even irrationally kill for the devilish runners and spoilers of our public welfare. And these satanic runners and spoilers of our common-wealth are basically bloody civilians. They aren’t navy usurpers!

In all places in our nation – from the Niger Delta to Badagry within the South West or to Jos and Makurdi within the Center-belt or to Kano or Sokoto or Potiskum and Maiduguri within the Far North – we hear of various however comparable morbid manifestations of the values of now, values which can be no values symbolically or in any other case.

A local physician good friend of mine, who’s actually not a boring native physician as a result of he’s really a trado-medical practitioner, not too long ago visited me on my invitation. The husband of considered one of my soul-mate’s dearest pals signs of that horrible factor I want to name prostrate tributary.

Might my good friend who’s versed in such issues use his type of artwork/science of producing and using vegetation for therapeutic to assist who’s on the edge of the opposite aspect? Might he bail the sufferer out of imminent hazard? In fact one query led to a different.

Once we received to the matter of yahoo boys and rituals for cash/wealth/ energy which we examine virtually on every day foundation in our newspapers, my conventional healer good friend affirmed the efficacies of such rituals. To slice the story, he affirmed that the murderers/slicers of life have offered their souls to the satan. Desperation drives yahoo boys to do what below regular circumstances they might not do. They’ve crossed the purpose of no return. Our governments in every single place should take the blame. Faculty/school graduates who haven’t any jobs and no meals to eat and no the place to name dwelling would do something, together with promoting their hearts to the satan, to outlive. That is particularly so after they see riff-raffs controlling their destinies and lives as rulers and leaders.

The bomb-shell: The large automobiles the yahoo boys are driving and cruising in for pleasure, and the fabulous homes and solidly fanciful accommodations in every single place, don’t we’ve got our legislation’s rule to compel their homeowners to show the legitimacy of the sources of wealth that impressed and gave them start?

Consider it or not, we’re within the wake of the rise of rational political and authorized revolution. Our present worthless values shall quickly be erased from our polity and consciousness. He’s coming who should come. Then we will know that every earthling on this earth-plane is lower than a dot.

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  1. Of course . Anyone that says we don’t have value is right. Including the person that said it

  2. Really, God will intervene

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  5. May God help us

  6. Is a shameful thing

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