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Nigeria will soon break up – Yoruba ethnic leader, Banji Akintoye explodes

The newly-appointed chief of the Yoruba ethnic race, Professor Banji Akintoye, on Saturday declared that Nigeria will some day break up if the present scenario of injustice and favouritism did not be addressed.

Akintoye, who likened Nigerian nation as a rustic below the reign of an empire, mentioned that the empire should crumble and break up.

Akintoye mentioned like different artificially created empires throughout the globe which have change into historical past, Nigeria is a time bomb, which can quickly explode until fairness, justice and honest play reign supreme within the land.

Professor Akintoye spoke in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, on Saturday, whereas fielding questions from journalists on Fresh 105.9 FM stay interview programme referred to as South-West Political Circuit.

“Some international powers got here and created an empire and gathered numerous nationalities collectively and gave them a single authorities. Nigeria is an empire comprising many nationalities. In the historical past of the world, each empire breaks up and the nationalities stay.

“Historians suppose that the rationale for that is that swallowing nationalities collectively within the stomach of 1 empire is an excessive amount of. The empire will undergo indigestion and eventually break up. That is a elementary factor.

“It is not about Nigeria alone. It is a fundamental universal world experience that empires combine many nationalities and rule over them and then the empire breaks up. So, it is to be expected that a country like Nigeria will some day break up.”

Akintoye, who has taught History in universities in Nigeria and the United States and obtained elected a Senator within the Second Republic, nevertheless, gave circumstances that might forestall the dismemberment of the nation.

“From fashionable perspective of governance and interrelationships, we will do issues that may make Nigeria survive for a very long time. Number one, we should get the individuals who consider that they’ve the correct to overcome and subdue the remainder of Nigeria.

“We should ask them to surrender, repudiate and cease all of that catastrophe. They should return to civil relationship amongst different folks of Nigeria. If they proceed to behave like they personal the nation, they’ll solely pace up the breaking apart of the nation. They say Nigeria is theirs, that Allah has given it to them.

“There is no way Nigeria can continue as long as this type of agenda and ambition exists among us. The first thing is to demand of our Fulani brethren that they must repudiate the agenda.”

He described the Yoruba as a “powerful ethnic group” not simply in Nigeria but in addition on this planet, disclosing that the Yoruba have the popularity of being probably the most educated immigrants within the United States.

“A number of days in the past, I used to be in Benin Republic and the leaders of the Yoruba there are creating their very own chapter of the Yoruba World Congress. As I communicate, there’s at the least one delegate who’s journey within the US to ginger folks there to create their very own chapter.

“Very soon, we will be able to hold a world congress of the Yoruba people and the whole world will see that this is different. Some intellectuals are even now telling us that the Yoruba nation and its descendants in the world are in almost every country in the world. Yoruba are usually among the most educated anywhere you find them outside the country.”

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