Nigerian constitution is a fraud

Flying from Lagos to London takes about 6 hours on the average.
3-1/2 hours of that is spent flying over the Sahara Desert. Another
one hour over the Mediterranean Sea. Now, the three and a half
hours over the Sahara at about 700km/hr would reveal the
shortest distance over the Sahara at about 3300km. That would be
the distance of Calabar to Lagos 3 and a half times…about that!
Now, the Sahara is very barren! When you look out the window, the
glare of the sun hurts ones pupils even 40,000ft above. There’s an
endless sea of sand, scraggly rocks. Oases that could give
succour are few and far between. I have worked in deserts;
complete with air-conditioned portakabins and plenty water; one
must wrap his skull with cloth (kafiyeh) to prevent the brains from
melting, reduce salt intake, and have plenty water! The sunbake is
so much in the unforgiving desert that you’d be ready to throw in
the towel after a few hours of work and take your chances in the
labour market!
The desert is worse than a gas chamber! Any little mistake, any
wondering off from the preplanned work-path, and death is almost
certain. The worst of all deserts on earth, is the Sahara! Despite
the almost certain death, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, take
their chances annually, bite the bullet, and hit the well-beaten
path…to an almost certain death!
Less than 10% of those that make the trip across the Sahara, get
to the Mediterranean shores of Tripoli, Algiers or Rabat! Even at
that, less than 10% of the 10% of those that made it to the
Mediterranean get to make it to Europe. And less than 10% of the
10% that get to Europe, make it good! Such a perilous journey into
the unknown, where the chances of dying are like 99.5% to 0.05%!
Yet, the educated, seemingly educated and the outright dunce,
gamble their lives away…on such trips!
Oh, I almost forgot…there are vicious tribes roaming the
deserts…from Tuareg bandits to Berber slavers. They capture the
“roaming cattle” from Nigeria, enslave them, kill those they don’t
like, convert the females into sex slaves, and disperse others at
will. May I inform you that there are so many mixed bloods whom
are actually offsprings of migrating Nigerians that were either
captured or enslaved? Yes, and many of their parents are alive and
serving different slave masters across the Sahara to the
Mediterranean coast!
Once you venture into the Sahara as a migrant, your rights as a
human being, cease!
What would be so bad that a Nigerian would defy the almost
certain death, and make such a perilous journey?
Something has chased that individual out of the country; the lack
of opportunities!
The 1999 Constitution has wrought the kind of havoc hitherto
unknown since the Holocaust! A constitution that has taken away
all the factors of survival from the Citizen to Abuja and deliberately
created unemployment, is a demonic constitution! That
constitution that took away the natural commerce of thousands of
villages, towns and cities, and stowed them away in Abuja, is a
most despicable document! A constitution that keeps 68 items on
the Exclusive List thus leaving next to nothing for the citizens is a
satanic document! Then that same constitution now prevents the
citizen from seeking redress, and vested all his rights in a single
human being in Abuja, is a crime against humanity!
The 1999 Constitution is an organized crime! The constitution
ought to be reported to the International Criminal Court, tried and
executed…had it been human! It ain’t human…it’s a demon. And
we’ve gotta fight that demon!
It is that constitution that’s responsible for the 38% unemployment
rate. No president, Messiah or Sai Something could make that
constitution work! It is that constitution that’s making people flee
into the Sahara to face an almost certain death!
If we still have some humanity left in us, we must come together
and kill that Mass Murderer known as the 1999 Constitution! That
document is a crime against humanity; and it must be destroyed.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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