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Nigerian executed in Saudi Arabia, 14 others to Follow

Fourteen Nigerians have already been moved to a jail in Medina for State execution.
They were 15 in number but one of them was executed as a common criminal.
The manner, in which Yusuf Yakubu Ajiboye from Kwara State was arrested, hurriedly tried and subsequently killed, made the remaining to entertain fear for their lives and came to the conclusion that the long knife was indeed awaiting them.
Among the Nigerians in the Medina Prison awaiting execution are:
Lolo Babatunde,
Biola Lawal,
Hafis Amosu,
Jimoh Ishola,
Tunde Ibrahim,
Abdurimi Aweda,
Adam Abubakar,
Amode Tunde,
Adewumi Adepoju,
Saka Riyau,
Aliu Muhammed,
Abdul Raman,
Yekini Yahaya and two other women.
Many other Nigerians arrested for drug-related offences have also been detained at Jedda, Mecca and Riyadh prisons in Saudi Arabia, awaiting execution.

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  5. Nigerians and drugs
    Respect urselves for once stupid
    They should be killed over dere ooo

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