Nigerian government secretly fighting industrialization in Eastern Nigeria

It is sad that almost all the industries established in Eastern
Nigeria after its independence for the people of Eastern Nigeria
have gone moribund. It has been discovered that the reason for
the deadness of these industries is a ploy by the Nigerian
government to enslave, marginalize and make the region irrelevant
in the scheme of things in Nigeria, politically, socially and
The industries that have gone moribund in the region include the
Seaports in Biafra-land, including the Port Harcourt Port in Port
Harcourt city, the Onne Port located at the Ogu Creek near the
Bonny river; The Calabar Port located at the ancient city of
Calabar, Cross River State and the Sea Port in Warri Delta State.
Besides the Nigerian government, frustrating the sea Ports in
Biafra land, it went further to thwart several other industries as the
Okirika refined petroleum oil jetty, IBETO jetty, kidney island jetty,
Macobar jetty and bitumen jetty.
The only terminals and docks of the Sea Ports functioning in Biafra
land are those that are used for oil and gas exploitation and
exportation because of the revenues the government of Nigeria is
getting from the oil and gas. Notwithstanding the revenues the
government of Nigeria is getting from the oil and gas all these
seaports are underutilised and closed for importations and
exportations of general goods, its only used for oil exploitation and
It is only the seaports in Lagos, which are not in the eastern part of
the country that are currently used for the importation and
exportation of general goods. Lagos is about six hundred miles
from the Eastern part of Nigeria. There is no international airport in
the entire eastern States out of about eight international airports in
the country. The presidential hotels at Enugu built as part of the
eastern government industrialization plan under the leadership of
the late Dr. Mike Ihuonuka Okpara is being used as a grazing field
for Fulani cattle.
Ezinachi clay and burnt brick has also been abandoned for
Dangote cement. The Nkalagu cement industry in Nkalagu has
been abandoned and gone moribund also because of the
negligence from the side of the government and to boost Dangote
cement, who sells cement at an exorbitant price to Nigerians. The
golden Guinea brewery, and the modern ceramics industry, both at
Umuahia have gone moribund, and are presently used as Hausa/
Fulani grazing fields.
The Aba glass industry among others has gone moribund. All of
these industries frustrated by the Nigerian government are located
in Biafra Land, intentionally to creating massive unemployment in
the region. Almost all the roads in the region are in a sorry and
worry state; travelling out through the roads of the region is like
travelling through a rocky valley, these are a few of many reasons
the Indigenous people of Biafra are clamouring for the restoration
of the sovereign state of Biafra.


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