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Silent On Zamfara Killings, Injustice Or Conspiracy ? Since the
event of killings that occurred in Zamfara, where innocent
Nigerians were Murdered in 10th, I’m still waiting to hear a call for
Buhari to resign from his position as president, till now I didn’t
hear anything as such, I now begin to speaks with my mind, so, the
people murdered in Benue state are assumed christian, that’s
reason why, there’re calls from all quarters for Buhari to resign,
again, the people murdered in Zamfara State are assumed
Muslims, that’s the reason why, there’s silent from all quarters, no
any calls for Buhari to resign… I now ask myself 1. Did
christianity teaches injustice ? Oh yes injustice, the death of the
assumed christians is worthy to called for Buhari’s resignation,
while, that of muslims are not worthy. 2. Was the killings a
conspiracy ? Oh yes conspiracy, calling for Buhari’s resignation
when assumed christian were killed, while, not calling him to
resign when assumed muslims were killed. Please, help out

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