Nigerian media at war with president Buhari, critical view of his visit to China – Mr Luke

This is what the media won’t tell you about President
Muhammadu Buhari, the good things about the Mr integrity of Nigeria rather his shambles will be populated online. On his recent visit
to China, apart from signing mutual bilateral dealings, the visit has focussed on attracting further investors that will cater for the industrial vision and enhance more economic discoveries including technology, infrastructure, energy and textile. The next stop was RUYI Group, the largest Textile Manufacturing and Energy Company with vast stakes in France, Switzerland, London, Japan and USA extending corporations to Nigeria.
President Muhammadu Buhari had yesterday, met with the executives of Ruyi Group, a leading Chinese company, at the meeting they announced their plan to invest $200m for an industrial park in Kano State, cotton farms in Funtua, Katsina State and textile and garment manufacturing establishments in Aba, Abia State and Lagos State. So far, PMB had ensure his visit is not some jokey and for media patronage. The proposed investment will cover the entire cotton value chain, farming, ginning, spinning, weaving and power generation to support the processes. Not to mention the ongoing infrastructure
reshape in Nigeria. Ruyi Group Chairman, Mr. Yafu Qui told President Buhari that they settled for Nigeria after one-and-a-half year search for an African hub because of the country’s population, abundant human and material resources and a ‘strong leadership’ that has
diversification agenda for the country.
In this follow-up meeting after the first in 2016, Nigeria progress
has been made with the identification of the cotton value chain as
a pilot for the setting up of labour intensive industrial parks, noting that the idea of the Ruyi Group as an investor was partly coming from their studies. Also in China, telecom giants, Huawei, Yi Xiang announced that the company will provide 10,000 Nigerians talent training in ICT each year. Ten of thousands. Huawei is executing the second phase of the National Information and Communications Technology Backbone Project (NICTIB II) $328 million project, which was signed between China and Nigeria.
The telecom giant chief said of the 10,000 Nigerians, half of them
will undergo intensive training on Huawei certification programme
to empower them to work anywhere in the world. I personally think he deserves credit on this but in general sense, his output is limited and unimpressive.

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