Nigerian pastors living like king solomon at the expense of their members, they should learn from Bill Gate

Bill gate is the wealthiest man in the world. His wife is the wife of the
wealthiest man in the world. He did not inherit his money. He did
not make his money from being in the government of any nation of
the world. He did not commit crimes to make his money. Most
importantly, he did not make his money from donations meant for
an ever-demanding God. His name is synonymous with wealth.He
is Bill Gates.

To be the richest man in the world means to have the kind of
wealth that your children’s children’s children will still be wealthy
long after you are gone. Wealth is not just riches. Riches are
fleeting but wealth endures. Imagine being able to afford
ANYTHING that has a price tag on it.

This man made money in the world’s biggest economy, America.
He does not have any known African heritage. He made enough
money to guarantee him and his family a life free of work forever.
Yet, he chose a different kind of work. This man puts kings and
queens to shame. He puts wealthy men throughout history to
shame. It is almost unbelievable that he remembers that people
live in Nigeria, let alone the poor.

When we say reading the Bible does not guarantee knowing the
TRUTH, many find it hard to understand. How come Nigerian
preachers have no other job apart from doing just that but still
manage to miss what Jesus said in Luke 12:15, while Bill and
Melinda Gates clearly understand that it is important to “Watch
out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed” because “Life
does not consist in an abundance of possessions”?
Man is fast evolving to this stage of understanding as advocated
by Jesus Christ. Even a rap artist, Drake, recently released a video
where he chose to distribute the money that could have covered
what was needed to showcase the “good life” in a music video, to
those who were in need. Jesus must be proud of this awakening
while many preachers, all of whom live off of donations in Nigeria,
think they have his ears for their vain prayers. They believe they
are his paddy-paddy while still stuck in circa 970 to 931 BCE living
like King Solomon. Ironically, even the ancient King declared that
such a lifestyle is empty finally.

There’s absolutely no justification for Nigerian pastors to amass
and flaunt obscene wealth in such a country as Nigeria where
children are dying of lack of access to proper nutrition. Using the
name of Jesus as a merchandise is the number one sin against
God and humanity. It’s got to be! It’s like Bill Gates passing on
some day and his children deciding that the best way to honor his
memory would be “making it rain” on strippers! It makes absolutely
no sense at all!

This picture of Bill Gates and his wife next to a representative of all
Nigerian denominational lords and their wives is the problem with
Nigeria, whether you accept it or not. The Gates clearly show what
it means to be the wealthiest couple alive in 2018 while the
Oritsejafors display what poverty in the soul looks like.


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